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Dead Rising 2: Case Zero Walkthrough Case 03

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"Certain survivors are only available at certain times, however. Move fast (and follow this guide) and you値l get everything done with lots of time to spare. It値l mean some waiting for certain events to happen, though.

"Speak with Dick by pressing B. He値l tell you to let him know when you致e cleared the way, and he値l head back to his store, the pawn shop. Buying from Dick is what all that money you saved was for.

"Kill any zombies gathering around you, get back up to Dick, and let him know you池e ready to go. He値l hop down and run along the edge of the street to the shop. Your job is basically just to stick with him, and save him if he gets in trouble.

"Dick will stop at the pawn shop a second later. Talk to him, then press B near the door to go inside. Dick won稚 unlock the door automatically, so be aware.

"Inside the store, you can buy various items from Dick. On the left side of the shop is a wheel for your bike the first piece. It also will cost you $5,000.

"If you have the money it値l be easier if you do snag it and run it back to the safe house. Take it all the way to the bike frame and press B to drop it there.