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Dead Rising 2: Case Zero Walkthrough Case 01

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"Follow the main street, bypassing all the buildings. Grab any weapons you might need and slay some zombies as you go. Youíre heading to the marker-looking part on the map.

"Youíll hit a cutscene when you reach the quarantine zone. Itís a bunch of tents near a bridge out of town, which is blocked.

"From your place on top of the cars, you can see the way into the tent village. Jump down to the flat bed truck ahead of you to keep clear of the zombies. You can jump from car to car and then over the zombies to the fence beyond.

"Inside the quarantine area, you can explore some if you want, but thereís not much to find. Instead, head left to the flipped ambulance. Open the back door with B.

"Another cutscene rewards you with Zombrex for Katey, and Chuck also finds a wrecked dirt bike. When the scene ends, Chuck puts the bike in a bin and you can run it back to the gas station.