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Dead Rising 2: Case Zero Walkthrough Boss Fight

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After you have collected all the bike parts you can go back to the gass station to give katey her shot.

If possible, you’ll want to pick up some weapons before you go back to Katey; specifically, an Assault Rifle (check the Hunting Shop or Quarantine Area), a Shotgun (check the top floor of the Sheriff’s Office), and a heavy melee weapon like a Sledge Hamme

When the time comes, get back to Katey and press B to give her the shot. You’ll trigger a cutscene when you do, and meet the last survivor in town: Jed.

Jed doesn’t put up a fair fight — he carries a Boomstick, which he’ll use against you excessively at range or up close, and he has a blow torch he’ll fire up on you if you attack him up close.

If you get into trouble during this battle, you can quickly run inside and grab food from the Gas Station store, or make new weapons at the work bench. This costs you time, though, which is what this battle is really about.

An effective strategy is to keep cars between you when Jed’s far away, so that he can’t hit you with the shotgun. Get in close when you can and strafe sideways when he tries to stab you with the Boomstick.

Circle away from Jed after you tag him and try to blast him with your guns when you can. Keep clear of his fire, though. You’ll need a double-stack of cars to absorb his shot, so try to keep moving sideways to avoid fire.

Hack away at Jed until you’ve killed him. You can get a health refill inside if you’re desperate, but Jed’s tactics never change. Eventually, you’ll wear him down and kill him.