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Dead Rising 2: Case Zero Walkthrough Case 04

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"If you canít afford the wheel, you can go get some money. And a quick way to do that is to go save another set of survivors.

There are two survivors in a bar, located beside the gas station. Check your map ó itís on the left side of the Department Store.

Fight your way into the bar ó youíll find Gemini and Fausto inside. Speak with Gemini, the woman in the red dress, and sheíll agree to join you.

To get Fausto, youíll have to try a little harder. Grab a beer off the bar and give it to him after you speak with him once or twice.

"Once youíve fed Fausto two beers, talk to him again. Heíll puke and join up.

Basically, youíre sprinting through the clump of zombies at the gas station and to the safe house. Clear a hole if you need to, but Fausto and Gemini basically have enough health to make the trip without getting killed. Donít worry about them too much.

When you get to the safe house, wait for Gemini and Fausto to catch up, then go through the door. Youíll get a bunch of PP and about $15,000 as reward. Drop off the Gas Can at the bike while youíre here.

"BIKE PART: As you run through the gas station, check alongside the furthest pump, on the side closest to the garage doors, to find a Gas Can. Snag is as you run by. You canít use other weapons while you carry it, so be careful.

Now that you have money, you can return to the pawn shop for the Wheel if you need to.

"Head back outside. Youíll see a man standing on top of the casino ó you need to talk to him next.

"Run over and speak with Bob. He wonít go with you now, but he will shoot down at the zombies and cover you while youíre out there.

Meantime, time to get the next bike part. From where Bob is standing, go to the back left corner of the roof and youíll see a fire escape you can jump to. Hop over there and turn right to go through a window.

Youíre on the upper floor of a barricaded hotel. Kill all the zombies inside and turn left. Go to the end of the hall and into the room there, and you should find a Shed Key, marked with a purple icon.

Back outside, head back to the Main Street. Follow it down past the Bowling Alley and look for a small shed on the right side of the street.

The rest of the survivors are optional to save so you can save them if you want. Its very stragiht forward and you should have no problem