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Dead Rising 2: Case Zero Walkthrough The Garrage

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You’re starting in a garage filled with tools. Most of them you can pick up and use as weapons with B. When you get out into battle, you can use the items with X, or throw them by holding LT and pressing RT.

First off, learn to build some weapons. You can create combo weapons by combining certain items at the work bench. Look for items with a blue wrench icon next to their names – these can be combined.

Explore the rest of the gas station if you want. There’re food and other items in the store section, and you can reach the roof (which is more useful later on) from the storage room to the left.

When you’re ready to go, take the door to the right of the workbench. Go through the junk yard (grabbing a sledge hammer and some other weapons on the way) and into the shed at the far end. There you can save in the bathroom if you like.

In your weakened, start-of-the-game state, you might want to just go out and kill some zombies, and try combining weapons. The more battling you do, the stronger Chuck becomes.

On the main street of Still Creek, your first mission objective is to find Zombrex. You can explore some of you want (or kill zombies, or find weapons), but in order to complete all the objectives, you kind of have to hurry. Start a new game after explori