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Deadlight Walkthrough Prologue

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Dash forward towards the right side of the room and jump (space) to grab onto the ledge. Press W to pull yourself up through the hole.

Drop down from the crate outside and walk towards the right, press E to open the door.

Walk through the lower floor to the right. On the next room, jump up the box and onto the ladder, use it to climb up to the next floor.

Pass through the door on the left and jump towards the other side of the broken catwalk.

Climb over the generator and press E, then press D to start pushing it towards the gap. Push the generator until it falls into the floor and creates a hole.

Jump back to the other side of the bridge and down the first floor. Press F to call the shadows and let them fall to their deaths, then ascend the hole using the ladder on the right side.

Push the generator to the left, then climb on top of it and use it to climb in through the hole that's just above your reach.

Drop down on the opposite end and press CTRL to crawl through the small gap. Press F again to call the shadow, it will trip over a can so quickly press E in front of the green button to crush it.

Get on top of the machine and use it to jump over to the ledge on the left side, then open the door at the end of the path to get outside.

Once you get outside, run over to the left and jump onto the ladder, then start climbing up. When you get to the top, jump to the right to latch onto the next ladder.

Ignore the door, it's closed. Just jump up towards the next ledge and onto the one after that, then jump towards the hanging metal platform and pull yourself up. Jump towards the roof on the left side from the platform.

Drop down to the roof on the left side. The ladder is too far for you to reach, press Shift (one on the left) and press A along with it to dash, press space as soon as you get to the end of the path to perform a power jump.

Climb down the ladder and press F to call the shadows that are on the other side. Wait until they get shocked and die, then jump over the current and towards the ground.

Jump right in front of the generator and climb up the ladder, then perform a power jump to hop the fence and leave the power plant.

Slide down the slope and perform a dash towards the right to break down the weak planks on the door.

Jump to the right and use the ladder to descend into the sewers. Proceed right and jump towards the platform on the other side.

Interact with the valve to lower the water level, then jump down and proceed to the right.

Jump towards the next path and once again use the valve to lower the water, then drop down and proceed to the right. This time the "dead" bodies will come after you.

Wade your way through the water and towards the right, don't stop. Just keep going until you reach the orange pipe, then press space and pull yourself up on it.

Climb up the ladder at the end of the tunnel, then perform a power jump to get to the other side. Be sure to run all the way to the end or else you won't be able to reach the next platform.

Continue to the right and open the door to get outside. Drop down on the slope and let yourself slide until you get to the end, then jump to avoid the current.

Keep going to the right, past the hi-way and down the ground again. Then hop the fence at the end of the path.

In the next area, drop down and walk on the wooden floor to make it collapse, then head right and a shadow will burst through the door. Lure him back to the hole, then when he falls climb back up and enter the hole he came from.

Climb up the box and up the window to get back outside. As soon as you drop down you'll see a dead shadow with an axe burried inside it. Take the axe then proceed to the right.

Go to the right and press the Right Mouse Button to use the axe. The axe can be used either as a weapon against shadows or as a means to destroy padlocks.

Destroy the padlock, then head through the gate and jump on top of the small roof and use it to jump over the next fence.

Call the shadow over to you, then dash and jump towards the minivan. Climb up the minivan and climb up into the window.

Climb down the ladder and call the shadows to you, wait for one of them to get under the car, then press E and smash the shadow under it.

Jump over the shadows and run to the right, then climb up the car on that side. From there, jump to the left and climb up the ladder.

Smash the wooden planks with the axe and continue moving to the right until the cutscene plays.

Go down the ladder and kick the door open, some shadows will come running after you. Run across the bridge and jump onto the ledge to avoid death.

Climb up the next ledge and jump towards the ladder. Press A to move over to the left side and continue climbing up.

Perform a power jump get past the fence, then run as fast as you can cause that car is gonna attract those shadows faster than you can say run.

Jump on top of the car and on to the minivan, then use it to reach the fence. Drop down from the fence and continue running.

Slide down the hill, then jump towards the light post. Make sure to keep above the streets for a safer passage. From the light post, jump towards the ledge on the right and on top of the building's roof.

Continue moving to the right and Randy will comment that he hears something. Keep going and a cutscene will start.