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Devil May Cry 4 Walkthrough Mission 14 Forest of Ruin

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Get through as quickly as possible

Youll start out in the Ancient training grounds, all you must do is get to Foris Falls.

On your way youll run into a new enemy a Fault. Itll try to swallow you while your fighting other demons

Just try and avoid getting caught in ones mouth by jumping or finding an area where they wont spawn (on a rock works well)

Keep pushing forward and break all the eggs, as you exit the archway scarecrow and seeds will spawn

After the seal breaks exit out the opposite way you came in

Lapis river, go to the rock under the bridge on the left side fight the Mephisto, and the Faust on the rock

Once the seal breaks head out the exit to the north across the bridge, and dont forget the eggs.

Ancient plaza 4 or 5 assaults attack here, try to avoid the Faults

After the seal is down exit out the opposite side, and make sure not to forget about the eggs.

Windswept valley, couple seeded scarecrow and seeded assaults attack here

After the seals is down break all the eggs in the area and head for the exit up the bluff

Forest entrance, keep pushing forward making sure you break all the eggs and the red crystal and exit out the other side

Itll be a long run in a cave after the zone, youll be in Foris falls run across the bridge for a scene that will end mission 14