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Devil May Cry 4 Walkthrough Mission 12 A New Beginning

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{Dante} Come to grips with the power of the Legendary Devil Hunter

You are now Dante! Once more some tutorials will play on how to use Dante (before you start the mission make sure you power up)

Scarecrow will attack kill them off with your new acquired play toy

Leave via the door

Meeting room. Break the 4 candle holders and power up at the statue if you didnt already do so

Then move forward for a scene with new enemys huge scarecrow!

Exit out the door when they are dead and the room unseals

Youll be back in the Experimental Disposal area but now as Dante, break the guard railing and the statues and head into the room

Grab the Wing Talisman to trigger a scene, at the bottom move forward for another scene

You now have 10 minutes to escape.(no worries it is plenty of time)

Break the 4 statues then jump off the ledge

At the bottom use the blue switch and get the gold orb then get inside the chamber

Some frost will attack

At the top exit and beat up the red crystal to your left

Then head down the stairs and into the door at the end of the hall

Youll be in the Security corridor now, a scene will play with you falling into the hole

And then a tutorial on how to change your guns

Some Mephitos will attack and the room will seal kill them to get the key from the stand for a scene

Hop up the blades that broke in the scene. And exit out the door at the top of them and break the guard railing

Use the switch and head through the lasers once again and break the benches at the end then exit out the back door

Run up the stairs and across and into the grand hall some Angelos will attack

Kill them off and break the benches then exit out the door for a scene

Keep running forward on the bridge

Make sure you break the things in the middle room then keep going

Eventually a scene will play which will End Mission 12.