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Devil May Cry 4 Walkthrough Mission 8 Profession of Faith

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Embrace the light to escape the forest

Youll start out in the Ancient training grounds break all the eggs along the path and continue on

In the tunnel there will be an egg hiding a blue orb fragment break it and grab the fragment and continue on

After exiting and running a ways scarecrow and seeds will attack

After they are down continue on to the next area

Lapis River, break all the eggs {12 in all} and continue to the next area on the other side of the bridge to the north

Ancient Plaza, a scene will kick off once you zone into here and a new enemy will be shown Assaults

They can block Neros attacks much like an Angelos so just come at them from behind the same way

After they are down break all the eggs and exit the area

Youll be back in The Windswept Valley, head towards the church once more

Ruined church, once inside it will seal and lots of stuff will attack kill them off and break all the eggs again before going to the tree under the stairs

Click on it to make it fall and open the door behind it

The Lost woods this is a puzzle area(required a lot of thinking and trail and error but) Just go the opposite direction of the shadow of the statue in the center

Or in other words, first go straight, second go to the right, and lastly to the left{break all the eggs here as well 8 in total}

At the end if done correctly youll be in the forgotten ruins break all the eggs and continue forward

Some scarecrow will attack defeat them and keep going

At the end will be a Divinity statue use it to skill up and exit this area

Continue up the path and go up the stairs for a scene and Boss Battle Angelo Credo

The battle starts out with him tossing spears at you roll out of the way to avoid them

Keep firing at him with the Blue Rose

Eventually he will come closer to you and try and swing his sword when he does roll and jump to avoid the slashes and hit him with Red queen

If he gets stunned or shows his back you can buster him for some good damage

Keep doing this until he reaches 25% or so like on his bar

When it does he will become much faster and run at you more when he does roll out of the way

Quickly Devil Trigger and go to town on him to take him down for good afterwards a scene

After the scene you will receive the Aegis Shield and a tutorial on how to use it

Run down the stairs to end Mission 8.