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Devil May Cry 4 Walkthrough Mission 6 Resurrection

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Release the true power that resides within!

Your now in The Underground Lab break all the stuff you see here

Jump down the hole and go in the door at the bottom

Research and Development is the room you should be in now go click on the large door

A new enemy will be shown in the scene shoot them with the blue rose to get them to come to the surface

After they are dead run to the door at the end of the tunnel and go inside

Game Room, Oh joy a Puzzle, this is a dice puzzle shoot the dice for a scene

What you need to do is guide Neros game piece to the end

You will want to avoid the red spaces as they are penaltys

As long as you avoid the yellow and red spaces this puzzle isnt to difficult

After you reach the final white space on the other side a scene will show the blue seals breaking

Run into the newly opened door

Containment room, a scene will kick off when you enter this room then a boss battle

Agnus, will treat you to a bunch of sword demons, target and grab them with a buster to toss them at agnus

{If the floor begins to light up jump onto the raised area in the center of the room it is safe} Keep tossing swords at him until he retreats

After he goes down there is a scene

At the end of the scene youll receive the Yamato

There will be a tutorial on how to use it and also how to devil trigger

After the tutorials, open the door in the back of Agnuss lab

Foris falls, run over to the blue glowing device and beat it till it reacts which will kick off a scene

After the scene break the barrels on the ground and run up the stairs on the side of the screen

At the top youll notice a blue orb fragment this requires some special skills(airhike, streak) if you dont have them you can come back at a later time to grab it(or wait for Dante)

Open the door at the top of the stairs and go inside

Inside youll have to deal with a few Angelos after they go down run to the stairs and into the chamber in the center of the room

Jump down out the other side of the chamber the room will seal and again more angelos, kill them

Open the door to go into the Underground Lab again

Click on the panel to the left of Nero

Now take the jump pads back up to the top break the barrels on your way up for orbs

At the top run down the hall which will take you into the Grand hall once more

After coming back out of the painting take either door on the left or right {All the stuff to break is back in the hall break it if you want to)

On your way to the falls more frosts will attack dissipate them and move on to the door at the end

Now your back at Foris falls run across the new bridge into the cave a scene will kick off upon entering

After the scene keep running forward to exit this area

Again run forward a little for the last scene of mission 6.