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Devil May Cry 4 Walkthrough Mission 4 Cold Blooded

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Use your newly earned powers to gather the four gyro blades!

Youll start where you left off mission 3, inside the Library you get a Gyro blades Tutorial

Head over to the gyro blade and use a Buster on it O button it is now active, hit it with red queen to get it spinning then hit it again with a buster to move it

Break the blue seal blocking your path with the gyro blade

Break everything that you did before since it respawned and head back to the gallery

Once inside the gallery it will seal, scarecrows and a few frosts will appear kill them off to break the seal {Use the gyro blade on them for an easy kill or 3^.^}

Head back into the grand hall now

A small scene showing you what you need to do is displayed, do as it says break the coffin

Grab the gyro blade and activate it and knock it into the coffin, nothing can be dont with it yet so move on to the right side door

{do not forget to re-break all the stuff in here} Now you should be back in the Large hall, youll get a hint about some gyros you need to get

Run down and enter the first door you can this should be the one to the Dining room

Dining room will have a battle for you some Angelos will attack kill them and move on

Through the door and back to the area we found earlier with fire balls coming down the hall

Activate the gyro blade and knock it into the fireballs flight path, keep doing this till it reaches the end

Breaking the fire spitter will reveal secret mission 2 and the blue stuff blocking your path

Open the door to the right and head back into the Large hall but into and area you couldnt get to before

This room will seal with scarecrows use the gyro to wipe the floor with them, then go hit up the blue device {Make sure you re-break the stuff in here}

This will open the door back into the Large hall take your gyro blade all the way to the end of the hall

Scarecrows will be wondering kill them with the Gyro

Once you near the end youll see a gyro blade being blocked by some of the blue breakable stuff

I think you know what to do, BREAK IT!

Now take which ever blade you have active and take it back to the area you need 4 gyros to pass through

Place it here and go get the other one

More and more scarecrows come lather, rinse, repeat smash them with the gyro, and head back to the gyro plates area

After you place the final gyro blade on its stand a scene will kick off

Grab the orb and head into the door now accessible

Its now time for a Boss Battle! BAEL This is a fairly easy boss it starts out with 2 Rusalkas

Beat these two up for a bit try and grab them to do some decent damage

After a few the main boss BAEL will appear as soon as you see him Roll out of the way or hell Eat you

The objective is to destroy the crystals on his back if you can do this he will be stunned and in prime position for a buster thatll do massive damage

Hell retreat after a good beating and bring his Rusalkas back out beat on them grab them smash them until he re-appers.

One more time of stunning him from breaking his crystals on his back and a buster and hell be a goner

After it is over youll receive a RUSALKA CORPSE

Open the door that unsealed after the fight to end Mission 4.