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Devil May Cry 4 Walkthrough Mission 3 Search Fortuna Castle

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Once you start head into the tunnel and through it until it splits scarecrows will come kill them and head towards the wooden barrier. Now break it to revel a red orbs crystal kick its ass and move on

Head for the cave down to the right and go in it

Youll come to a grim grip puzzle of sorts just make your way to the top it isnt that hard

Head down the tunnel and kill the scarecrows that appear, then jump up to the next tunnel

Break the wooden barrier blocking your path and head to the end of the tunnel

Now we are in Fortuna Castle Gate, walk to the end of the bridge for a scene

{breakables 3 pillars} Frosts appear! These enemies can be a pain just use normal combos and a grab now and then they go down easy

Once they are finished off run across the drawbridge until you get a scene

{Breakables 10 pillars} Head inside the castle after the scene

Now inside of the Grand Hall

This area is full of stuff to break cant break that coffin in the center quite yet though

{Breakables 8 benches & 36 chairs} Take the left door out of the grand hall and into the Large hall

Once in here scarescrows will come after you kill them off and break anything you thing will break

The door we are looking for is the only door that works on the east side it will take you to {breakables 12 candle holders, and 5 chairs}

The Dining room remember to break everything in this room for orbs now leave this room and head back to the large hall

Now well be headed to the second door to the west and go inside

This is a sealed room kill off all the baddies to proceed. After they are down take the door at the end

Head up the spiral stair case in this room move to the edge of the floor for a scene

Now it will be time to get your grim grip skills down

This is a very tricky part you have to be fast to grip across without falling back down into the torture room

It will take a few trys it did for me but youll get it eventually, after wards head in the door

You are now back in the grand hall there will be a barrier blocking your path

Now head towards the painting of Sanctus and go inside the door to the left

Central Courtyard {WEST}, is the area you are in now run up the stairs until the Frosts appear

Clear them out and head to the end of the walkway

Foris Falls, is where you are at now. Make your way down the stairs and grab the Vital star S on top of the lamp post thing

Head back and go up the opposite stairs you came down and through the door at the top

Central courtyard {EAST}, is where you now dwell, follow the path kill the frosts once again and head for the door at the end

Grand hall, Such fond memories, you are now on the east side of the grand hall, there will be a glowing blue device on the left wall beat it up until it releases the spell

There is a mirror on the side of the wall break it open for a blue orb fragment Head to the door on the east wall and go inside

Gallery, is where you should be now, when you enter the room seals and there are.. you guessed it scarecrows to kill.. do so {Breakables 3 armors, 6 chairs, 5 tables & 2 boxes Exit out the other side of where you came in

Library, Run towards the divinity statue and hook a right and go inside the Library

Youll get a scene introducing a new enemy Bianco Angelos , only 1 to start but after he dies more will spawn

These things can block Neros attacks always try and come at them from behind High roller them into the air and Buster them they go down fairly easily

After the fall youll get a small scene and access to the Anima Mercury it is on display in the room just opened up, grab it to end Mission 3