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Devil May Cry 4 Walkthrough Mission 5 Trisagion

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Soldiers Graveyard is your present location, youll come across a new enemy Mephistos

Jump up and grab them to get rid of their capes after you do this they are cake smash them with a few combos and itll be over

After the coast is clear break all the objects you can find {18 tombstones, 9 statues, 8 icicles and the big horse statue in the center} Back behind the stairs is Secret Mission 3.

Head into the door at the top of the stairs youll be in the Master chamber

Some Angelos will attack kill them and break all the objects, above the fireplace is a mirror with Secret mission 10 behind it

{Breakables 2 stand, 2 sofas and 3 tables} Exit the area

Now your back in the torture chamber but higher up this time

Beat the blue thing till it drops the bridge

Take the gyro blade across until it hits the blue breakable stuff this will cause a scene

More Mephistos will appear kill them like the other you did earlier and grab the Wing Talisman

This will activate the jump pads you saw on your fall down here

Jump on them till you get back to the top(pay attention there may be items to grab on the way up)

Once back at the top, youll need to get back to the Grand hall where you broke the blue coffin at

To do so head into the torture chamber again kill the baddies here

Head into the door that takes you back into the Large hall

Make you way back to the Grand hall killing any baddies and breaking all the stuff again

Once inside of the Grand hall re-break all the chairs and benches then jump onto the jump pad that was under the coffin

Youll land on a chandelier hit the glowing spot on it to trigger a scene

This will demolish the painting and reveal a secret hallway head inside and through the door

Run down the hall for a scene and the end of Mission 5.