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Devil May Cry 4 Walkthrough Mission 2 LA PORTE DE LENFER

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Head for Fortuna Castle

You start out at the Opera House Plaza

Youll have to deal with a few scarecrow the most common enemy youll come by

{ breakables 6 Benches ,4 trash containers} { Collectibles 1 Red orb} Now off towards the store house

Once inside you get a jumping tutorial picture- 0288 {collectible Gold Orb}

Run up the stairs after the doors unseal

At the end of the hall enter the door for a scene

Here is your first Sealed room you have to kill everything to unseal the door time to get to ass kicking

Head through the newly opened door into the next area

{Breakables 5 wine jugs, 5 boxes, and 5 shelves} Now we are in the Terrace district

Now run into the nearest door to your right

Now we are in the Cathedral

Run in break anything that looks breakable and head towards the glowing item at the bottom

This is a move Nero can use to grab things a tutorial will prompt you to try it out

Head over to the blue circle on the floor and use the Grim grips

{hold R1 and hit O if you missed the tutorial} Once up top destroy anything that looks breakable and continue down the path.

At the end youll see a door and a red orb use the Snatch to grab it before heading in the door

{breakables 10 chairs, 3 benches} Now Nero is back in the Terrace District, run to the blue circle and Grim Grip across

As you walk down the hallway a tutorial for Secret Missions will be shown, try it or dont up to you

Continue down the liner path in front of you, youll get a tutorial on Neros Exceed system

Dispose of any scarecrows you find and break all the objects

After the baddies are down head over to the red orb crystal and start to beat the crap out of it

Once it breaks head back and break anything you missed {5 Crates, 5 pots, 1 barrel & 1 dumpster} There is also a blue orb fragment here climb up the building in the middle isnt to hard to find

At the bottom of the stairs there is a watchtower Kick jump up to the top for some hidden Orbs

Now head to the door nearest you and go in it

Hes now in Port Caerula

Run down through the tunnel

Youll notice you can only go one way here so head in the direction until you get to the grim grip use it

Once across run to the door on the opposite end and head in

Once inside the Customs house a style tutorial will appear after a scene

Then some more scarecrow

After they go down youll notice a blue seal on the door

Head over to the blue device and kick its ass till it opens the door then head though it

In here youll see a control panel click on it for a scene

Now time to backtrack a little go back into the customs house and head back from where you originally came in

Scarecrow will attack kill them off and head back to the grim grip pad and head back over to the dock

Now head into the area you see littered with scarecrows laying down on the job(but not for long)

Defeat them with any means you can there will also be a Taunt tutorial

After your little skirmish run across the drawbridge and open the door at the end

Now were in the First Mining Area

Run to the end of the path and jump into the waterway for 6 nice sized red orbs

Head over to the grim grip pad and proceed upwards

Once at the top grab the green orb and beat up your first Combat Adjudicator(requires a B in style)

Now that you have the blue orb fragment walk towards the statue for a tutorial, skill up, buy stuff!

Now that you boosted your character, head into the door

Now we are in Ferum hills follow the path until you get a scene


This boss is fairly easy when he gets close grab him to get up into the air next to him and start laying into him with the Red Queen

If he ever hunches down like he is hurt Run to him and perform a buster keep tapping O to do more damage

This is the most effective way I found to beat him (he goes down easy by the way)

After he is downed grab the orbs he dropped that should end Mission 2