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Devil May Cry 4 Walkthrough Mission 7 The She-Viper

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Proceed through the Forest of Ruin

Now we are in the Forest youll see a log go over and break all the eggs you see inside of it

Then head to the path to the right youll see a red orb crystal beat it up until it breaks and proceed

You should be in the Windswept Valley now, break any eggs you see and hug the left wall dont jump down, grab the holy water on this bluff

Then jump down the hill, you will see a new enemy type they hatch from those eggs break them!

Grab them with your devil arm and break them into piece they are pretty easy to kill

After they are dead search the area for eggs to break

Take the only path open to you up the stairs and across the churchs courtyard and open the front door

You are now in the Ruined Church, a scene will kick off introducing a new enemy a scarecrow taken over by a seed demon

You know what to do kill them! After they are down break the glass that is blocking a Combat Adj. for someone else. And break all the eggs you can find

Now run up the stairs and beat up the blue switch doing so makes some tiles appear, carefully make your way across and in the door

There will be a grim grip circle up ahead use it and grim grip to your destination

Youll see another blue switch up ahead beat it to make more tiles appear(there are a lot more of them this time and now some demons, kill them as soon as possible so you dont have to worry about the tiles falling out from under you)

Near the end of your tile tour youll see a blue orb fragment youll need Air Hike to grab this if you got it get it if not you can always replay the mission later and grab it after you get the skill.

Go in the door at the end of the tour

Now you are in Lapis river break all the eggs here{around 10 or so} and move on run across the bridge and take the path to the right

You should be in the Ancient Plaza the area will seal and some scarecrow and seed will need to be killed

After the seal is down break the eggs in the area {9 eggs}

Now exit the opposite way you came in

Youll be back in The Windswept valley but behind the blue breakable you couldnt get passed earlier

Use the gyro blade to break the wall down

After the walls are down kill any baddies with the blade and break the breakable wall to the south and go in the door it revels

Youll be back in the Ruined valley run ahead for a scene

The chase is on{fairly easy if you have the speed skill} break the eggs that block the path and just keep running

At the end another scene

You should be in the Forgotten ruins now, there is a combat Adj. for Nero to your right(requires A style) {Reward blue orb fragment}

Run down the tunnel until some scarecrow attack kill them off and continue, you can buy items and skill up at the Divinity statue and go back and break all the eggs then exit at the end

Youll now be in the Den of the She Viper, run forward for a scene Boss Battle Echidna

Again Fairly easy Boss battle here youll want to avoid her just shoot with Blue rose

She will make passes around the forest you can shoot her roll out of her way when she comes at you

Eventually she will stick her tentacles into the ground part way revealing her Sack of sorts, when she does this quickly Devil Trigger L1 button and Grab sack with a buster mash on the O button during the battle sequence

This will be your main focus in this fight keep doing it until she is stunned and she grabs her head

Then run over to her and perform a grab on her Nero will stick red queen into her an start to rev it up you can to by pressing the L2 button repeatedly

After the battle you receive a Sephirothic Fruit. Break the eggs laying around and head to the tree blocking the exit and click on it for a scene and the end to Mission 7.