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Devil May Cry 4 Walkthrough Mission 10 Wrapped in Glory

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End the ambitions of his Holiness

Youll start out where you were at then end of mission 9 there are a few cages to break for orbs

Head back into the gauntlet a scene will play

Mephistos, and a new enemy Faust will attack Dispatch them and move on(Faust dies just like his counterparts)

After they are down head inside the key chamber once again

Inside you will be confronted with some Angelos and a Alto(use the red switch in the center of the room to slow time and get some easy kills

Exit out the opposite side

Now youll be back in the grand hall once again break the benches if you want the orbs, and exit out the door to the south

Youll now be in the Security corridor which just happens to be full of lasers YAY! Use the switch and maneuver your way through them and exit the door at the end(secret mission 06 in on the wall)

Jump down into the hole with the large spinning blades, at the bottom youll encounter some Mephistos and a Faust

After they are dead the switch will unseal, use it and jump up the blades and onto the platform with the door

Experimental Disposal, some Angelos will attack kill them and keep pushing forward

After exiting the hall beat up the Red crystal on your right for some orbs, buster the glowing switch and head up to the next floor

Up top on the 2nd floor break the stuff and exit out the door

Meeting room, Alto will appear kill them and break anything you can find

Head down the hall and open the door into the Ascension chamber, which will kick off a scene

And now a Boss Battle With.. [email protected]!

I used the same method to kill him as earlier fire at him till close and grab him while devil triggered

What ever method you use just make sure you avoid his attacks and grab him when he gets close

A scene will kick off after his life bar has been depleted, which will end Mission 10.