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Devil May Cry 4 Walkthrough Mission 13 The Devil Returns

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{Dante} Drive down the dragon that spreads its wickedness through the forest

Ancient training ground, break the eggs and run across the bridge and through the door at the end

Forgotten ruins, head straight across until you can jump down to the other path do so

Head into the fog down here

Youll now be in the Windswept valley jump down and the room will seal and some assaults will attack kill them off

After they are dead and the room unseals take the path up towards the church, and break and eggs

Ancient plaza, more assaults here kill them off to unseal the room and exit out the path to the river, also get the eggs

Lapis river, couple of Mephistos will attack, the fog under to bridge is your goal

Windswept valley, head inside the church, break the eggs in the courtyard

Inside there is a Combat Adj.(requires A)and a lot of eggs, head to the door that was previously blocked by a tree and go in it

Lost woods, couple Assaults, again go opposite the shadow.(or Straight, Behind, Right, Right)

Youll be in the Forgotten ruins break the eggs, and exit out the back

Den of the she viper, Boss Battle Time! Echidna Again!

Pretty much do the same thing here except you cant grab her, shoot and dodge as she comes by like before

When she partly goes into the ground and exposes her Sack instead of grabbing it just Devil trigger and kick the crap out of it

When she reveals herself take advantage and jump up there and lay into her

Once she fully goes into the ground get in close devil trigger and go to town on her

Once she goes down youll receive Gilgamesh and some tutorials on how to use it

And how to change your sword

Exit out the zone to end mission 13.