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Devil May Cry 4 Walkthrough Mission 15 Fortuna Castle

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Exterminate the defenders of the icy plain

Youll start out again where you left off in the end of Mission 14 Foris Falls run up the left side stairs and attack the Combat Adj.(requires SS) then exit out the door up the stairs

Central courtyard, keep pushing forward until you get a scene and a new enemy Blitz(I took these down like a Faust, shoot it and beat it with a sword)

After it is down the seal will break and you can head for the exit

Youll be back in The Grand hall, walk in a ways for a scene

Make your way past the blue switch and open the first door on the way

Gallery, break all the breakables and exit out the other side

Library, run towards the statue and hook a right and go inside the door

The room will seal and some Angelos will attack

After the seal is down head inside the circular room and break the red crystal as well as anything else like normal and then jump down the spiral stairs in the center of the room

Large hall, jump down and head up the hall until you reach the gated area that is now open

Open the door inside here to enter the Dining room

Run down the hall until you reach the actual eating area, inside youll find a couple of big ole scarecrow

After the seal is down exit out the door in this room after you break everything of course

Youll be on the other side of the Large hall now break the stuff and head down the liner path and into the door that leads to the..

Torture chamber, bunch of Frosts will appear here

After the seal is down jump into the hole on the other side of the room

Spiral well, use the blue switch and then take the red jump pads up and get all the orbs

After you got them all take the blue jump pad at the bottom

You are now on the top floor of the torture chamber

Move across the bridge and enter the door

Masters chamber, some scare crow and a blitz here

After the seal is broke exit out the glass doors into the..

Soldiers graveyard, break all the breakables and head for the exit (lots of stuff to break)

Exit out the door across the fence you can break down

A scene will play, and then Boss battle time Dagon

Just about the same strategy this time around minus the grabs. Go for the crystals on his back

When he gets stunned devil trigger and go to town on his face

After he goes down you get the best gun in the game Pandoras Box (All that stuff you see in the scene yea you can do that)

A tutorial for how to use her will be shown

You will now be in the underground lab jump off the into the hole to end mission 15 picture- 4055