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Devil May Cry 4 Walkthrough Mission 18 The Destroyer

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Confront the Savior

After the scenes youll receive Yamato. (Virgils Sword).

A Tutorial on Dark Slayer style will be shown

The objective here is to break all the blue glass jewels On the savior

After you break one a small scene will be shown the savoir is apparently mad now

Dodge the black energy balls by rolling and keep shooting at the blue things

Use the jump pads to find blue switches to use the stun the savior use them and use the jump pad to get close and do some good damage

After you break the one on his forehead a scene will play

Keep shooting at the glass things and jumping on the pads eventually youll come across another blue switch use it again to stun the savior

Use the jump pad to get the last couple you need to break

After all but the one in the center of his chest are broken youll get another scene

Looks like he is really upset now, keep running from his blasts until he knocks you down

A small scene will play and his life bar will finally pop up

Target his chest jewel and begin to shoot with E & I

When he attacks roll or jump out of the way but continue to fire

When he starts to do leg sweeps jump on a jump pad to escape and continue your firing at the jewel

When his bar has been depleted to half a scene will play he will be stunned

Take the jump pad down to the area near his chest

Bust out Rebellion and hit his chest till you get another scene

Youll repeat the process until he is down, afterwards a scene and the end of Mission 18.