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Devil May Cry 4 Walkthrough Mission 20 La Vita Nvova

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Destroy the evil Sanctus

This level is pretty much all a Boss Battle, after the scene prepare to get out of the way

Youll again have to break his shield and then hit him to the ground to buster him(this can be quite tough again just like last time) though youll eventually get it

After he hit the ground run up to him and Devil Trigger and use a buster (tap O button)

This will be your main line of attack repeat this process until he has about 25% left on his bar picture- 5175 After his bar hits 25% and his shield is down he will attack with the Sparda blade

Hell charge it up and rush at Nero roll to the side, Streak at him with Red Queen and buster him to kill him off

Once he is down a scene or two will play

Now it seems he still wants to fight 3 last and final busters must be given here at the correct time

When he attacks roll to the side the buster his hand

As he goes to punch you buster his hand again this can be tricky

When he hunches over give the final buster to his face area!

Some scenes will play here enjoy them and kick back

Whats this!~ it still isnt over! You must protect Kyrie from scarecrow for 1 minutes. This is to get the true final scene so dont slack off her Protect her!

After the time reaches 0:00:00 it will end and the credits will continue you are finished enjoy the scenes

Thats the end of Mission 20. picture- 5388