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Devil May Cry 4 Walkthrough Mission 17 Adagio For Strings

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Regain Possession of Yamato

First Mining area, grab the green orb and the 6 down in the waterway and exit this area

Youll be in the port now, break all the stuff and continue down the path

Eventually the area will seal and some scarecrow and Angelos will attack

After the seal is down grab the red orb on the dock and head for the exit

Back in the Residential district, break the dumpster on your way and keep pushing forward till the room seals, some assaults and Mephisto and a Faust will attack here

After the seal is down break everything you can find in the area it is a lot of stuff

Break the red crystal and then head for the exit

Business district/Terrace, run forward till the room seals bunch of scarecrow will spawn along with some big ones

Use Pandora to take them out anyway you like

After the seal is down head down the street

Make sure you break all the trash cans along your way soon youll come to an area full of doors take the one on the street (big gated doors)

Now you are in the Opera house plaza, keep pushing forward eventually the room will seal and some Mephisto, a Faust and 2 Altos attack

After the seal breaks head for the exit up the stairs and around the balcony

Inside a scene and Boss Battle Agnus Again!

Little different this time through, since you cant grab him, I just went head on with him my Pandora!

If he trys to drain your life devil trigger as soon as you can fairly easy fight Dante is just to powerful

After he is down a scene will play

After it is over jump into the blue pad to trigger another scene and the end of Mission 17.