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Devil May Cry 4 Walkthrough Mission 16 Inferno

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Return the conqueror of the Fire Hell back to his domain

Underground lab, a scene will show that the air is toxic beat up the Combat Adj.(requires S)

Take the door out to the Research and development access

Along your quest through the toxic filled tunnel some cutlass will attack

After they go down take the door at the end of the tunnel

Game room, a small scene will play here.

After the scene sword demons attack kill them with the Coyote-A and exit out the door

Containment room, more sword demons to deal with here and Couple Angelos

After the seal breaks jump up into the other room above you and stand in the light Yamato was in earlier for some orbs

Exit out the door in the back

Foris Falls, push forward breaking everything you see(couple barrels) and run up the stairs

At the top is a door head inside

Angel creation, some Angelos will attack in here

After they are down head up the stairs and head to the other side through the chamber

More Angelos and Bianco and a couple Alto attack here

After the seal is down exit out the door

Underground Lab, no more poisonous gas

Jump up the jump pads get the barrels on the way up using gunslinger and Coyote-A

At the top exit out the door

Grand hall, make your way up top to the normal Grand hall a scene will play

Make sure you find all the orbs and break all the breakables

Then exit the castle through the front door

Fortuna castle gate, push forward until you get a scene

Youll encounter some fire dogs called Basilisks

After they are downed make your way to the archway they showed in the seal breaking scene and head up the side of the bluff

At the top more Basilisks to play with

Make sure you break all the breakable pillars on your way

Near the exit make sure you grab the red orb on the hillside

Exit out the zone line

Second Mining area, push forward and make sure to get all the orbs you see

At the bottom of the hole take the cave leading south

Break the boards down and destroy the red crystal

Take the exit out

Youll get a scene and a Boss Battle, Berial Again!

Lay into him with Pandora in this fight

When he turns red devil trigger and go to town he will eventually get stunned

When he fall again beat the holy hell out of him

Eventually he falls (Pandora makes easy money of him in any combo)

After he falls a scene will play and Dante will receive Lucifer

A tutorial will be shown on how to use the sword

Exit out the door at the end of the tunnel to end Mission 16