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Devil May Cry 4 Walkthrough Mission 19 The Successor

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Surmount the stairs of tribulation {Back to Nero!}

Before you start Power up After it starts up keep running forward until you get a scene

Hit the dice for a message

Need to roll a 4 here do so

After you get through the last portal youll get to fight an Alto and 4 Bianco

After you make haste of them exit out the blue portal

Grab the orb here and prepare to roll a 5 or 6

Berial! Guess you get to beat him up a little more

After he turns red and is stunned use a Buster on him and repeatedly tap O button

After 2 of these he goes down devil trigger if you want to make haste of him

After he is down take the portal to the next floor

Need to roll a 4 on this Dice

This time it is Dagon!

Very easy fight beat him till he is stunned, Devil trigger and buster him this will almost kill him dead

After he is down take the portal to the next floor

Grab the orbs here and roll a 4


Looks like you gotta take her down use same strategy

After she is down take the portal once more make sure to break all her Eggs before hopping on

Roll a 5 on this floor

This time it is Agnus use the same old tactic here

At about 25% life buster him Devil triggered to kill him off then break the objects here and take the portal

Run up the stairs and cut open the red pathway and exit out for a scene. Which will end Mission 19.