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Devil May Cry 4 Walkthrough Mission 9 For You

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Locate the Captive Kyrie!

Youll start out on a bridge run forward into the small room and break all the stuff

Continue along the bridge until you get a scene and find a new enemy Alto Angelo

These are fairly similar to a regular Angelo just take a bit more to kill and attack a little harder and more often, after you retire them all open the door to the Grand Hall

Once inside head left and beat up the Combat Adj.(requires S style) and break all the items

Run to the end of hall for a scene

Avoid the lasers and head for the newly revealed doorway and go inside

Youll be in the Key Chamber, there will be a bunch of Angelos that attack after the room seals with lasers

After they go down grab the key and buster the switch in the center of the room, this will slow time and allow you to pass through the lasers

Exit through the lasers opposite the way you came in into The Gauntlet

Run into the circle on the floor for some orbs

Then head over to the blue switch and beat it up

This will bring down a chamber to ride in, head inside of it

After you get inside it will seal and youll have to kill some scarecrow

After you defeat them the chamber will rise to floor 2 exit out the door

Buster the switch to the left and make your way through the lasers to the chamber on the other side

In this chamber frosts will attack kill them to make it rise to floor 3 picture- 2326 Hit the switch and make your way through the lasers

Then into the chamber on the other side assaults will attack this time be ready to kill them

Exit out and skill up at the divinity statue to your left. Also grab the orb on the right and exit out the back

A scene then. Boss Battle Agnus again.
picture- You have 2 choices here you can do him in the way you did the first time. i.e. grabbing swords and chucking them at him

Or you can get up close and personal and just kick the living crap out of him

Once he gets near death you can buster him for the rest of his life bar just keep tapping the O button

This will end Mission 9.