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Dishonored: The Knife of Dunwall DLC Walkthrough Rothwild Slaughterhouse

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Inside the slaughter house you'll have to make your way into the building proper, since you're still in the sewers. Climb down the ledge and head inside the pipe and follow it to the end.

At the end of the pipe you'll find some butchers talking at the top of the stairs and another sewer pipe right beside the stairs. Blink towards the sewer pipe and you should make it there without getting spotted.

Follow the pipe and you'll find an exit at the end of it. Climb up the ledge to get to the surface.

Turn left and head for the next room, then hide behind the beam right next to the exit and wait for a butcher carrying some whale oil to enter the room.

Wait for him to turn around, then follow him and take him out. Carry his body back to the previous room and toss it to the side where you hid so no one will find it.

Now head outside and turn right, walk to the end of the pathm then turn left. You should see some sort of office beyond the bars on the left side wall.

Enter the office and climb down the open maintenance hatch and follow it to th end.

Climb up the hatch and turn right. You'll see a door here, enter it and you'll be informed that you're in the meat locker. Remember this room.

Head for the other side of the room and turn right. Lurk will appear and inform you about the makeshift electric chair. After she disappears, head for the door right in front of the chair and peek through the hole.

Once the butchers start walking to the left, head out the door and follow them. Take them out quickly and hide their bodies behind the machine on the right side.

Then head out the door right in front of the path you were walking on, it leads to the whale oil processing area of the plant.

After exiting the door, turn left and follow that path, then turn right and head for the clearing. Don't exit out just yet. You'll find a table on the right side as soon as you reach the end of the path. Hide underneath it and wait for the butcher to pass you, then follow him, take him out and hide the body.

Now enter the large door that leads to the killing floor.

Hide behind the stack of crates right in front of the door and make sure you're clear before proceeding.

Blink and get underneath the stairs and hide there, wait for the butcher to pass by the top, then blink towards the ledge to quickly climb up and take him out.

On the left side of the stairs you'll find another railing that you can reach with blink. Point at the railing itself and climb up on the platform, then enter the door right beside it.

After entering the door, turn right and you'll see a brown door nearby. Head inside it, then turn left and walk towards the next room.

Use blink and get on top of the bookshelf. You'll see your target talking to a woman. Equip your sleep dart and shoot him.

Take Rothwild and carry him down the stairs on the left side. Head over to the door, you'll find that it's locked. Look to the right side and you'll find a key hanging from the wall. Take it and use it to open the door.

Climb down the stairs and you'll notice that you're right back in the first area of the slaughtehouse. Head back to the corridor on the left side.

Turn around the corner and head for the white door below the stairs. From there head back inside the meat locker and Lurk will lock the place down for you.

Head for the electric chair and put Rothwild on it, then start electrocuting him until he tells you what you want to know.

"After getting your much needed information, Lurk will ask you what you want to do with Rothwild. You can either stash him in a crate and ship him off, leave him on the chair or kill him.

If you chose to ship Rothwild, you're going to have to take him to the crate first, then head back down to the sewer entrance.

Head back outside the door and backtrack to the maintenance hatch that you used to get inside the building.

Go all the way back to the sewer pipes and use the hatch to leave the slaughterhouse and get back to the sewer entrance and into the yard.

Backtrack out of the sewers and climb back up the port. Blink and get back on top of the small buildings, then blink towards the pipes that run across the tanks.

From there you can blink up the tank and towards the crate at the side of the building, the same one you dropped down on earlier in the game.

Blink up the roof and climb back into the building beside it via the window.

Stand on the platform outside and blink towards the walkway, then blink towards the vents on the side of the building and follow it to the back.

Climb up the roof and down on the other side. You'll find out that Lurk has been captured by some overseers. You can either shoot the Overseer with the device or drop a chokedust on them. If you chose to shoot the overseer, then equip a sleep dart and shoot his leg or body, don't aim for the head cause the mask will block your shot.

Follow Lurk to the rooftop and talk to her. She'll thank you and tell you that it's time to leave.

Follow her across the rooftops, she'll show you the way.

When you get near the exit, you'll find that Lurk's blink can travel further than yours. You need to climb down the platform and make it towards the opposite end.

Use your blink to get on top of the building's roof and head over to the stack of boxes that's covered in cloth on the left side of it.

Step on top of the boxes and point your blink towards where Lurk is standing. Talk to her to end the mission.