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Dishonored: The Knife of Dunwall DLC Walkthrough Flooded District

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You should have a lot of gold from doing Timsh's assasination. Spend the gold on combat sleeping dart upgrade, sleep dart capacity upgrade and sleep darts. You'll need a lot of it for this mission.

After speaking with Lurk and being informed of the overseer raid on your hideout, head to the back of the room and blink up the hole to get to the next floor.

Use the chain and climb up to the third floor. You'll see a window on the right side, use your blink and teloprt towards the opening on the building at the opposite side of where you are.

Once you get on the building, look to your right and you'll find a hole that leads further inside. Climb through the hole, then hide beside the stairs and activate Void Gaze, it needs to be level 2. Attack the stairs to get the overseers's attention.

Wait for both of them to walk to the right side, then quickly climb up the stairs and choke the first overseer. Quickly open your menu and equip the sleep dart. Shoot the other overseer to knock him out.

Reactivate Void Gaze and climb up the stairs, wait for the moving overseer to go to the left side, there's three overseers here. Blink behind the walking overseer and strangle him.

As soon as he goes down, equip your sleep dart and shoot the overseer with the magic blocking device, and very quickly switch over to blink and blink behind the third overseer and strangle him.

If done correctly, you should have all of them down before they even notice you. Approach the tied up assassin and interact with the rope on his hands to free him.

Now head back down the stairs and blink towards the building that you came from. Use the chain again and climb up to the fourth floor. Save your game as soon as you get there, so you won't have to redo everything in case you get killed or spotted.

Blink towards the right side of the door and activate your Void Gaze. Wait for the lone guard to pass through the hall and th other two to head into the hall, then use your blink to get on top of the cabinet at northeast side of the door.

From there blink across the cabinets and make it up of the tallest one at the corner of the room.

Stalk the guards from there and take them out silently one by one when they seperate. Always take the first two out as they're searching the tables, then you can knock out the third without any problem.

Head through the hallway where the guards you took out were patrolling and head into the next room, your magic will immediately be cancelled out. Wait for the overseer to stop playing the music box, then blink towards the tall cabinet right in front of the wall.

Wait for the moving guard to head to the left side and shoot him with a sleep dart, the other two won't notice it and you'll still be hidden.

After shooting the overseer, aim at the one with the music box and shoot him too, then quickly shoot the last one and free the assassin.

Head out the window after freeing the assassin. Turn to the left and you'll see an opening right above a vent. Blink towards it and save your game, then peak inside.

Enter the building and blink up the dividers near the overseer. Then drop down and strangle him and climb up on the divider on the right side.

Wait for the second overseer to enter the room, then blink behind him and knock him out. Dump his body in the same area as the first guard, then hide behind the wall on the right side of the door and activate Void Gaze.

A third overseer will leave the other room and walk on the corridor. Blink behind him then knock him out and dump his body along with the first two.

Peek out of the room and another overseer will be walking at the end of the corridor. Shoot him with a sleep dart and hide his body.

Now go back to the end of the corridor and peek from the side of the door. Wait for one of the overseer to climb down the stairs and another one will go up in his place. Shoot the overseer that's climbing up the stairs with a sleep dart.

Zoom in with your spy glass towards the second floor. Wait for the overseer to pass by and shoot him with a sleep dart.

Now wait for the third overseer to turn around the corner near the stairs, then shoot him with a sleep dart before he discovers the sleeping overseer.

Then aim at the overseer that's talking to Hume and shoot him with the sleep dart. Hume will then be alert, zoom in with the spy glass and shoot him with a dart too.

Take the letter from Hume's body and take what you can from this place, any sleep dart is especially helpful. Once you're ready to head out, leave through the window upstairs and blink towards the building on the opposite side.

From there head to the edge on the left side and use blink to teleport down, then exit the building through the hole and turn left. You'll see a door like opening there, head through it and save your game.

Blink towards the right side and hide behind the pillar that's on the side of the stairs.

Peek on the left side and you'll find two overseers harassing an assassin. Quickly shoot both of them down with a sleep dart and free the assassin.

Take the sleep darts on the shelves nearby, then head for the lamp post near the end of the alley.

Jump on top of the rubble near the rats and use your blink to get up on the vent right above it.

Follow the vent and you'll find the last of your assassins being guarded by three overseers. Shoot the one with a music box with the sleep dart, then quickly shoot the other two and head down to free the assassin.

Save your game, then use blink to get up on the buildings on the right side. Make your way up to the broken balcony and enter through it via the vents.

Activate your Void Gaze and head out the door, take out the lone overseer that's hanging out in the building on the opposite side of where you are.

Climb down the stairs and examine the overseer assault plan that's sitting on top of the table, then head out the door on the left side of the large map on the wall.

Activate your Void Gaze and exit the door, then turn to the left and use your blink to get up on the window panel at the higher floor. You'll meet up with your assassins here.

Lurk will appear and ask you what you want to do. You can either kill all of the overseers or you can capture them.

After Lurk leaves to carry out your order, turn to the right and drop down on the floor below. A cutscene will then start and you'll be given another choice, but I won't spoil it for you. The game will end soon after you make your choice. Sit back and watch the short ending.