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Dishonored: The Knife of Dunwall DLC Walkthrough Slaughterhouse Yard

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After talking to Lurk and being informed of the situation, you'll be allowed to proceed with the mission. Turn right and drop down on the platform right below where you and Lurk are standing.

Crouch down as soon as you land on the platform. Then make your way across the vent line on the side of the building.

Equip your blink and teleport to the top of the shop right in front of you. Make sure that you're using blink at the end of the vent or you may not make it to the other side and the guards will see you.

"Once you're at the top of the shop, turn around and you'll see a guard standing on a platform right in front of you. Blink towards that platform and either knockout or kill the guard.

Loot the guard's body and you'll acquire a pistol. After taking the pistol, change it back to your blink ability and head to the back of the room and start climbing up the stairs.

Enter the room at the top floor and position yourself next to the steel cabinet, you should be able to see a tiny bit of the outside through the window. Wait for the guard to pass the window and quickly follow him.

Blink behind the guard and take him out. Then turn around and go to the left side of the roof.

From there you'll see a walkway. Don't blink just yet, observe the walkway first. There's a guard patrolling that area and he can either be on the walkway or inside the building.

Here you have 2 choices. You can either risk getting seen and blink towards the walkway and take out the guard that's in the building or wait for him to walk out the walkway and blink towards him.

Whichever way you choose to do it, you'll need to be on that walkway. From the walkway, activate your blink and point it at the roof on the right side. Your blink should have just enough range to get you on top of it.

Once you're on the roof, climb up on the vent and turn left. Then climb up on the canopy and blink towards the canopy that's right in front of you.

Now blink towards the walkway that's right in front of the canopy and blink towards the platform at the left side of it and enter the building. You may want to save your game here so in case you die, you won't have to repeat the whole thing again.

After entering the building, look to the right side and you'll find a window. Climb through it and drop down on the roof right outside of it.

Don't do anything yet, just go to the right end of the roof and listen to the conversation. You need to wait for that butcher to vacate his position to avoid being spotted.

When the butcher leaves, head over to the left side and drop down on the crates that's right below you.

From there you can blink towards the tank that's in front of you. Make sure that the butcher already left before doing this.

Blink towards the tank on the right side of the one you're on and drop down on the pipe that runs through its front. From there you can blink towards the roof of the building right below you.

Move to the building on the left side, there's a butcher there and an arc pylon. Make some noise, like firing a bolt to the wall to get the butchers attention, then hide from him and take him out. He'll have the key to the arc pylon right in front of the building where you are.

After taking the key, use it and open the tank for the arc pylon and take out the whale oil. Now head out and go towards the sewer gate control, which is on the right side wall just outside of the warehouse where you removed the whale oil tank.

Activate the switch to open the sewer gate, then jump into the water and swim back to the surface. Look to the left side and you'll see a red light. Swim towards it and climb through the hole.

Don't climb down the sewers. Wait for the rats to approach you, then blink away from them and towards the sewer tunnel.

At the end of the tunnel you'll find the entrance to the slaughter house. Use the hatch to get inside the building.