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Dishonored: The Knife of Dunwall DLC Walkthrough The Legal District: Legal Plaza Timsh Estate

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After having a brief conversation with Lurk head for the second stack of boxes on the left side and listen in on the guard's conversation.

After getting an objective update from the conversation, turn around and climb up on the crate right behind you. Frem there look to the left and blink towards the balcony.

"After climbing up on the balcony, open the door and drop down from the far end of the room. You'll find a masked man there, talk to him and you'll be given a non-lethal way of eliminating Timsh.

Use blink and climb back up on the second floor, then turn right and blink towards the balcony on the other side. While you're there remove the whale oil from the wall of light too.

After removing the whale oil, blink towards the roof on the opposite side. When you get on the roof, turn around and blink towards the balcony on top of the one you came from.

From there blink towards the balcony on the left side.

Then go to the far left end of the balcony and blink all the way to the top of the roof on the left side. There you'll find Timsh's basement key, some supplies and a note about Timsh's behaviour. After taking all of them backtrack to the roof on the opposite side.

Climb up the roof on the left side and enter the abandoned apartment through the open window at the side.

Head into the main room, then look to the right. You'll find a journal on top of the mattress as well as a key to apartment 10 and a note on the side.

After taking everything you need, head out and turn left. Blink your way across the balconies until you get to the last apartment, the one in front of the glass door that leads to Timsh's estate. Open the door with the key and head into the room on the right. Take the sack from the bed, then head back to the balcony.

From the balcony, wait for the guard to pass and blink down to the ground. You'll receive some damage, but you won't die. After getting down, go further down the alley behind Timsh's house and enter the house via the basement.

Inside the basement, you'll find the air vent but don't put the sack in yet. Just go towards the door and equip your sleep dart, shoot both of the maids and hide their bodies in the room that you came from.

Head back into the kitchen and up the stairs after taking care of the maids. Don't head out the door, just peek through the keyhole to start Timsh's conversation with the nobleman.

When one of the guards come near the door, leave it and head back down stairs. Hide behind the corner and peak, wait for the guard to come down the stairs, then shoot him with a sleep dart and hide his body.

Go back to the door and peak through the keyhole again. When Timsh finishes chatting with the nobleman, head back down the kitchen and set the dumbwaiter to the fourth floor, then ride it and flip the switch from the inside.

Save your game then hide under the table near the door and wait for Timsh to arrive, then wait for him to go back down and follow him. Take out the guards that are following him and hide their bodies and stay on the third floor.

Enter the third floor and wait for the guard to appear at the end of the corridor, shoot him with a sleep dart and hide his body on the fourth floor.

Now go back to the third floor and go around the corner, there's a guard that's watching Timsh's office. Blink behind him and take him down, then hide him at the fourth floor too.

Wait for Timsh to get to his office and watch him. He stops to look at things around his office for a very long time, blink behind him and take the key. The documents will be switched automatically when you take the key. Blink away from him and hide afterwards.

Wait for Timsh to leave his office, then re-enter it and go towards the chest on the left side near the glass display. The will is inside, now you only need to take care of Timsh.

Head out the door right beside the chest and exit through the glass door that leads to the balcony. On the balcony, blink towards apartment 10 that's right in front of Timsh's estate.

Save your game again, then blink down towards the ground and head back into the basement.

This time open the air circulator and dump the bag inside. Then head back to the dumbwaiter and set it to third floor and ride on it.

When you get to the third floor, head back out into the balcony, but this time blink towards apartment 9 and look at the central plaza from there. Timsh will get carried off by the general and your mission will be taken care off.

Head back to apartment 10 after Timsh faints. at the back room you'll find a cabinet with a purple light glowing behind it. Move the cabinet to reveal a path.

Go to the room on the left side and grab the key from the wall, then use it to open the door and get back to the waterfront.

Drop down from the balcony and get on the roof, then use the vent to get to the other side to where Lurk is.

From there go to the left side and drop down on the balcony below and further down to the vent and onto the stair landing.

Climb down and hide behind the crates and guard shield, then make your way through the wall of light and stay on the left side.

There are three butchers here waiting to ambush you. Hide behind the guard post and make your way towards the barricade shields on the left side of the street.

From there climb down the vent and dive into the water. Swim towards the right side and resurface near the stairs where Thalia is waiting.

Talk to Thalia and get the information that you need. Then head back to the sewer entrance at the right side and talk to Lurk to end the mission.