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Dishonored: The Knife of Dunwall DLC Walkthrough The Legal District: Waterfront

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After arriving at the sewers follow Lurk and leave through the gate. Jump down into the water and start swimming towards the left side.

Eventually you'll arrive at a small area by the water near the wall of light. Climb up the trashbin and use blink to get to the vent pipe at the opposite side.

Climb back up to the city streets and blink towards the back of the guard outpost.

Make your way to the right end of the guard post and blink towards the machine in front of it. Then open the cover and take out the whale oil to shut off the wall of light.

Cross the wall of light and blink towards the stack of crates at the right side of the street.

From there, climb up the stairs and head inside the alleyway.

You'll find Thalia at the end of the alley. You'll need to save her from the Hatter gang, don't try to sneak up on him. Just shoot him with a sleep dart and two more will come out. Shoot them with sleep darts too.

After taking care of the hatters, approach Thalia and talk to her. She'll inform you that she does know about what you need, but you need to do something for her first, which is of course kill her uncle and take the will.

Save your game before continuing, then activate blink and use it to climb up the wall with three skulls drawn on it.

Head for the window, but don't enter through it yet. You'll see some sort of wire stretched out between the panels. Point your cursor at the wire and trigger the trap, you can climb in through the window afterwards.

Disarm the launchers inside the room and head for the door. Like the window the door is lined up with a wire, trigger it to avoid being spotted.

Head out the door and you'll see 2 hatter members. Equip your sleep dart and shoot both of them, then climb down and head past the door.

Climb up on the table and use blink to get to the second floor balcony.

Enter the room and head further into the building via the only door in that room. Turn left as soon as you open the door and you'll find a key on top of the counter.

Equip your sleep dart and peek out the door on the far right side of room. Wait for the hatter to come and shoot him with the dart. Then head for the stairs and climb up on the next floor.

Enter the room on the third floor and exit through the double doors that lead to the balcony. Once you're on the balcony use blink to teleport to the roof right in front of it.

Now blink towards the balcony on the left side and use blink again to climb up on the roof. Equip your sleep dart and walk towards the wall on the right side, shoot the guard that's standing on the balcony at the opposite side of where you are.

Blink to the balcony where the guard that you shot was, then carry his body and hide it inside the room. Go back to the balcony and look to the left side, you'll see a shabby looking roof right below you, use blink to get to it.

Use blink again and get on the ledge at the left side. From the ledge use blink to teleport on top of the guard post.

Head to the left end of the guard post roof and you'll see some guards talking. Wait for them to leave their post, then blink in front of the door and quickly use the key you found and enter the legal district.