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Dishonored: The Knife of Dunwall DLC Walkthrough The Outsider's Realm

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The game starts with you being pulled into the Outsider's realm. Daud has the same basic skills as corvo at the beginning of the game which is blink and dark vision.

From there turn to the left and you'll find a carriage floating in midair. Use blink to get on top of it, you may want to point your blink cursor at the wheel closest to you cause Daud's blink doesn't have that much travelling distance.

Get on top of the carriage's back wheel and activate blink. Point it towards the ledge of the building on the right side and wait for the "^" up arrows to appear before teleporting.

Head towards the other door of the building and use blink to teleport towards the garden right in front of it. Then climb down to the stairs and enter the light.

After meeting with the Outsider you'll be taken to the shop to purchase items for the next mission. I recommend getting Sleep darts and normal darts as well as chokedust and some Spiritual remedy.