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Mission 1 - Main Street

It's time to save your girl!

If you're first time playing this game, pause the game, select "Help & Options" ...

Select "How To Play" ...

Now, read all of it . It'll be fun when you do multiple moves and understand the game mechanics. Gleam is also an important moves. So practice it. Other than that, focus on sosetsitsu/stance songs.

Then, just play the game like usual. Break anything that breakable for items/money/song. Money can be used to upgrade skills.

Keep going to the right and kill all the enemies. Practice your moves.

Williams - The most basic enemies you'll encounter. HP is about 200.

Linda - Sometimes comes with a weapon. Avoid being hit by gleam. HP is about 300.

Later, you'll find a keys that can be use to unlock the treasure box.

Abob - To beat this guy just move below than him and keep punching. HP is about 625.

Before the mission ends, there's a dragon ball in the middle. Hit it and it will bounce. Hit again to keep the ball bouncing and to drop more money.

Mission 2 - Back Alleys

There is no new enemies here. Just the same like the mission before. Only at the end of the mission, there's a boss fight.

After you climb up the ladder, go to the left.

Here's the shop. You can upgrade skills by using the money you obtained. Different shop for different skills. Each shop only sell certain skills.

Just after the big hole in the road, there's a Tapesmith. Here you can upgrade the skill limit by 10 for some amount of diamonds. To get diamonds, beat a boss.

Skullmageddon - Boss fight #1. His HP is about 2000.

Mission 3 - Space Lain

Be prepared to meet 2 new enemies.

The secret shop is not far away from the starting point. Look out for this yellow banner. Hit the damaged cover. When it opens, enter the shop.

Hoverbizzle - One with sharp blades while another one with bomb. HP is about 100.

Ichisumi - Can teleport anywhere she wants. Equipped with hand fan. If you near her, she will do spin attack. Stay away from her line of sight then strikes her after she throws the fan. HP is about 150.

After you climb down from the ladder, hit the box at the left. Inside it a key. Take the key to the nearby treasure box.

At the end, hit the dragon ball!

Mission 4 - Airlock

In this mission, you'll be in this place for three times. Don't let yourselft sucked out! Just attack to stun enemies and let them die in space.

Be careful when stepping on the shaking floor. It'll drop and it will automatically rebuilt after few seconds.

Before you go to the second airlock room. Take this key if you wants to get the treasure box.

Bring the key and dont let it drop. Once it sucked out, with or without you, you cant recover it back. Stay until this area cleared and the treasure box will be yours.

Tape Worm - A bonus beast. Just his body (punch faster) to get the bonuses each attack. No harm to you as long you out of his way.

Mecha Biker - Boss fight #2. His bike HP about 525. His HP is about 1500.

To break his bike, use fireball when trying to hit you.

Once hitted, it will stop and there's you chance to beat his bike. Do it few times.

When fighting with the real body. Just avoid his attack like usual and hit him hard.

MIssion 5 - Countryside

You'll meet only 1 new enemy. For secret shop, there's only one here which is can be find easily.

Shun - A ninja like enemy. Can be easily beat her like any other enemies. Avoid her attack and kill her. HP is about 250.

Secret shop - just after you climb down from the ladder. Go to the left. You'll find a door to enter.

Killacopter - Like a mini-boss which only spawns enemies and avoidable attacks. Enemy HP is about 200.

To survive, just avoid all the attacks.

Mission 6 - Assault Zone

In this mission, there's no new enemies. Only the annoying helicopter and boss fight.

Also, no shop in this mission. So try to stay alive since this is a easy mission.

Giant Tank - Boss fight #3.

To defeat this boss, just make your way to the top right area where the explosive barrels located.

Most of the attacking units can be destroyed. It'll be easier to defeat the tank.

Once you here, grab the barrels and throw at the red part.

Repeat the same thing twice to fully destroy the tank. Be careful with the more enemies and additional attacks that can be easily avoid.

Mission 7 - Some Kind Of Lab

Break the glass by simply attack the punch bag or the glass. In this mission, there'll be few more new enemies plus upgraded enemies.

Roxy - Flying enemy unit. Her weakness is jump + attack. HP is about 250.

Williams & Linda (Lab Version) - Upgraded units from mission before. Williams HP increased to about 300 while Linda is about 400.

Bimmy 'N' Jammy - Their attacks are same with Abob with upgraded HP. HP is about 850 for each of them.

Mission 8 - Genetic Research

One new enemy units will be seen here. Plus an additional shop that quite tricky to get there.

To get to the secret shop. In the area where the floor drops, look closely for an arrow pointing down.

You can just stand on the floor and drop. Just before you see another floor, jump. Or you can just step on the floor and walk behind a little. Then, just run through the gap without jumping.

Here is it the secret shop.

Shun Upgraded - Her attack more quick and can be simply avoided by gleam. HP increased about 500.

Marian II - Boss fight #4.

Each plant head HP is about 900. But it will change to another form (dragon and shark each of them respectively). Also, the new form HP is about 900. So, to kill one head plant you need to deal damage about 1800.

Sometimes, the main head plant drops some consumable. Take the chance to regenerate your health and magic power.

Upgraded form must be attack quickly (e.g. fireball). This can disable their attack.

After both plant head died, now the main weakness shown. Give a hard attack to it to end the mission.

Dont forget to take the diamonds!

Mission 9 - Haunted Forest

The mission starts here. Well, this isn't easy start.

You have to stay on the plant. Dont ever jump or let other enemies knock you out from here. Because it cost 1/4 of your HP (even with upgraded skills).

Jiang Shi - Zombie enemies. Super weak enemies at the second last mission. HP is about 200.

Dont forget to bring the key here for the treasure box!

Bring the keys all the way here. Don't let it go. You should find the treasure box next area (after the fight of course).

The Tapesmith is not hidden at all. You can easily find it without even trying.

Finally. The mission ends with maintaining the dragon ball for more money and song!.

Mission 10 - Neon Fortress (Final)

In this mission, you'll be introduced to one new enemy. Also, one secret shop will be available here too.

Bao Boshi - Magical type enemy. It has lightning attack that can be avoided using duck+left/right. His HP is about 550.

The secret shop is like secret shop in Mission 8 where the last dropping floor lead to the secret shop

Here's the shop with additional 1UP. Buy some more for preparation to fight the final boss.

When you find this place, there are two 1UP than can be find here. Break all the jars but be careful with grenade inside.

Evil Marian - You're fighting Skullmaggadon with additional help from Evl Marian.

Skull's attack are the same like in the Mission 2, except...

Marian will continously attacking you and you cant attack her. Your main target is Skull.

When Marian trying to charge her powers. Jump & attack her to prevent it. This is the only attack you can do to her. Otherwise, just aim on the Skull.

Continue to attack Skull and prevent Marian ultimate spell. After some time, Skull will be defeated. But wait the game not over...

Now, the final moment. Just go to the right until the you meet the Skull upgraded. Your attack is not 1 hit kill any enemies

Clear the area before face the final boss.

This time, you need to dodge well. Learn to dodge properly so that you get double damage.

It's hard to hit Skull because his fast movement speed. All you have to do is wait for a chance. Sometimes he move in front of you so just hit him. Otherwise, ...

This is one of the chance. Get away from the dotted line and move closer to Skull. Then hit him!

Another chance. Keep dodge to him. Do it properly and you'll activate the double damage. Any attack you do to Skull will stop his attack. You can also use fireball to make him stop but no double damage.

After few attacks, Skull will do this. Odd turn will attack while even turn will drop items. (e.g. 1st time will drop some kind of bomb, 2nd time will drop drinks, then repeat again)

When Skull HP getting lower, his movement / attack speed increase.

Whatever you do, avoid this attack. Get out from the radius quickly. This is a deadly attack. If you caught inside the radius, you'll be dead instantly.

He will keep doing the same, only the speed increase.

The moment you're waiting for. He wait your last blow to finish him off. But...

Collect the diamonds quickly before it dissapear.


Congratulations! You've beat the game. Continue play the game with higher difficulty.

Why The Game So Hard?

Keep playing so that you dodge better and also get more songs. Also, set your stances to Training Wheels. Upgrade that skill to higher limit using the diamonds in Tapesmith.

Changes When Higher Difficulty

Enemies will increase HP about 250% and have higher critical chances. Money also increase as well as other loot.