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Dust: An Elysian Tail Walkthrough Dust An Elysian Tail Walkthrough Chapter 4: Revelation

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Welcome to Blackmoor Mountains.

Just follow the map and you will get to the quest marker.

Watch out for avalanches :3

Slide down here to get an ability orb.

You will have a mini boss battle with an ice elemental.

When you kill her you will get the ability to double jump. No need how to explain how to do that, you played platformers. Now go back to the place where you slided down.

You need to remove this avalanche by another avalanche. So break some pillars below that.

Watch out for these ice spikes.

You will be attacked by three ice elemntals. Kill them and they will break the third pillar. Go right.

Watch out more avalanches. And follow the map.

Watch out for these Minotaurs (or something). They can't get dazed. And if they get you cornered you will take a lot of damage.

Now you escaped that cave. Good. Go left and you will get to the village.

You will get attacked by some of General Gaius soldiers. One of them calls you Casius.

Welcome to Zeplich Village.

Get inside this house. It's somewhere at the end of the village.

Go upstairs.

Now this is the first time we see a cutscene in the game. It shows that you have to different memories at the same time.

This is Elder Gray Eyes, a moonblood, he calls you Mithrarin, a being with two souls. You have soul of Casius, the Royal assassin, he was evil. And Jin, Gingers brother, he was a good kid. Now you need to help the moonbloods because Gaius will attack them. You need to go to the volcano island.

Another cutscene of Jin and Casius fighting.

After talking to Gray eyes and Ginger you must go to the mountain.

After leaving the village you will be greeted with another cutscene with General Gaius. He says that he will attack the last moonblood camp.

He says that he will get you back himself.