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Dust: An Elysian Tail Walkthrough Dust An Elysian Tail Walkthrough: Tutorial

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Kill everyone you see trying to attack you

After killing some of them you will be in a forest not remembering who you are.

A Nimbat called Fidget. She will come for the sword you have. She will be your companion during the game.

Go right

Go up first to find an ability orb then go down

Grab the ability orb.

It will give you the ability to dash. Press Q or E to dash

This is a Save Monument where you can auto save your progress. Go right.

This is another ability orb where you will get two abilities.

The first one should be Dust Storm where you swing your and do a lot of damage. If you swing it for too long you will start getting red and be hurt.

The second one is Fidgets magic. It isn't very powerfl, but combining the two abilities.

You can manipulate fidgets magic to make it more powerful. It will hit a lot of enemies on the screen. Kill them all and go right.

After killing some enmines you will level up. You can put the Skill Gem on "Max Health", "Atack", "Defense", and "Fidget".

You will find another Ability orb that will give you the ability to do Dust Storm mid-air

Just jump and hold the second attack buttone (K by defult) and you can easiliy hit flying enemies. Then go right. The same thing applies for this ability too

After that you will have an Inventory. Where you have health potions (the cupcakes), body armour, weapon demage enhancer, bags, rings and pandents.

Going right you will find someone with evil yellow glowing eyes of evil in a tent. That someone will be a shopkeeper who will give you a quest. Go right after that.

You will find this fruit that explodes. You can get it by using the dust storm and it will start following you. Use it for the pillar above you that its made from stone that glows yellows light.

There should be a pillar that can only be destroyed by the fruit. When the pillar is destroyed go right.

Some exploding fruit will have a timer. So that fruit can be also used against enemies.

Now you will learn how to parry. When the enemy strikes attack and hold the button. If its done right the enemy will be dazed and you will do massive damage to it. After killing the enemy go right.

You will find an old lady called Cora. Talk to her and then go right.

You will see some anthors (idk how to call them) who were attacked by giants. Kill the giants go right and you will get to Aurora Village. You finished the tutorial.