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Dust: An Elysian Tail Walkthrough Dust An Elysian Tail Walkhrought Chapter 3: Love

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Welcome to the Sorrowing Meadow. Just follow the map to get to the quest marker.

You will talk to Avgustin. He will say he took Cora to this Meadow and that a strange red force closed one of the entrances. Now you should find Cora because this place isn't safe for her.

This is the red magical force.

Watch out for these enemies. They explode when you get to close. So if you are near them dash away.

There are these enemis in hives ( maybe they are undead bees?). So you must destroy the hive to stop them respawning.

This is a mini-boss. It does a lot of damage. Parrying doesnt do much so use fidgets magic and attack it.

Once you get to Old Cora (Or as Fidget says "Crazy old Cora". She will tell you that she has some buisness to do here. She needs you to get four different items in four different mansions in this estate. She will give you a green resonance gem so you can enter green resonance gates.

Now you can go in multiple directions. To go to the mansions.

You can't go right. You need the ability orb thats down. So go down.

Now you will encounter a new enemy. They are kinda like necromancers. They raise the dead and can only be hurt by magic.

This is the First mansion.

Bardel Mansion. Go right first to get the note then go left.

When you go left. Watch out this creature will come out and you can't hurt it soooooo....

Run, Dust, run!!!

When you get away from it you will get an old painting.

An ability orb will appear that gives you the ability to hang on vines. So now you can get out of the mansion.

While hanging, you can aim your next jump before jumping.

Now you can go right. Just follow the map and you will get to the next mansion.

Nanoth mansion. Well it's the same as before. Run away from the monster. Get note.

And get the keepsake (Personal Diary)

The next mansion is Samachua Mansion. Same thing.

The next keepsake is a brooch.

This is Dorimo Mansion. Same thing. The keepsake is a cane.

When you get all the keepsakes go back to Cora. She will tell you that all the things were her husbands and that this was hers estate. His name was Kane. He was an evil man selling out moonbloods to Gaius.

Now you fight Kane. He is a bit harder then the previous bosses.

After defeating him he will turn into a normal ghost. Telling you that there is one village which was attacked by Gaius that knew where is the last moonblood camp. Ginger lived in the village. So now you are trying to get to her. And Kane will tell you that you have two souls.

Now go back at the Red magic barier entrance and enter it. Go left and you will finish the chapter.