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Dust: An Elysian Tail Walkthrough Dust An Elysian Tail Walkthrough Chapter 1: Destiny

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Welocome to Aurora Village.

When you enter the village you will talk to two guards.

After talking to them go right and talk to the villagers. Talking to them you will get XP.

This is Avgustin. He has the most important side quest. That is talking to the Blacksmith in Archers Pass.

This is Gianni. Nobody likes him. He is a dick. He doesn't give you a side quest.

This is Moska. He asks you to check on a girl he likes in Denham Village.

This is Reed. He is an odd fellow. He asks of you to find his box. And says not to look into the box, but you can look at the box.

This is Ginger. She doesnt ask anything special to you. But she will be important to the story later.

This is the Aurora village shopkeeper. I like him.

This is Colleen. She asks of you to find her brother Corbin who helped Gianni. After talking to Gianni, he will tell you that he sent him to do his loundry.

This is Oneida. She will ask you to see what is bothering her husband Geehan.

This is Fale. He makes the weapons and armour for the guards. He wants you to get him some materials.

And for the main quest you will talk to major Bram. He will say that the monsters are attacking the village and most of them are coming from Abadis forest and he wants to see what is making them attack Aurora village.

This is the world map. To select Abadis forest just click on the map marker with the flag on it.

Welcome to Abadis Forest. Ok Abadis forest isn't that hard, just go right and you will get to Denham village. It's really straight forward.

After some time in Abadis forest you will see a burning village. Just jump up, break some pillars and the water will put out the fire.

After killing some more enemies you will get to a boss. A moonblood called Fuse. He went mad because you killed a lot of his kind, but you don't remember that, and you will kill him easy. He isn't that hard.

After killing him he will say about the moonbloods and the warmbloods are at war. That General Gaius is the one that ordered to kill all of them and that you were the one doing the killing. And that General Gaius ordered to kill even a village that helps moonbloods.

You will get another ability orb that will give Fidget Fusese power of fire. And will create fire tornados. The funnest magic ability in combat. Report back to major Bram.

After getting the ability orb a cutscene will start with general Gaius and a soldier talking about the moonbloods and someone that they are not sure what is happening to him.

Now go to Archers Pass to talk to the blacksmith. Archers pass is also straight forward. You just need follow the trail in front of you and go up.

In Archers pass. You will notice these small floating guys. They are called Blombs. They will explode if you get too close to them and they are vulnerable when they take a deep breath. So use Fidgets projectile magic attack to kill them easily.

On the top of Archers pass you will meet Haley. She is a blacksmith and she will make equipment for you if you have the materials. And she'll tell you to find her fathers lost receiver in Abadis forest so she could make you equipent when you are somewhere far away. She gives you a blue resonance gem to open blue resonance gates.

The blue Resonance gate is on this map. The circle in the middle, between the blue and yellow points of the map.

This is how the gate looks.

After talking to major Bram. He will tell you that Ginger was in one of Genral Gaiuses raids. Her family was killed. So you go talk to her about what happend.

Talking to Ginger she will say about her village being attacked by Gaius and that she will leave the village to go somewhere. You will tell her about Fuse that you killed him because he went bezerk. After talking to her the village will be attacked. Go to

In the centre of the village go down here.

Jump down and you will fall into a deep hole.

You could go left or right here.

On the left will be a challange. You can play it for the best scores and time.

And on the right is a very deep hole which you need to jump into then go right to finish the Chapter.

End of Chapter 1