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Dust: An Elysian Tail Walkthrough Dust An Elysian Tail Walkthrough Chapter 2: Darkness

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Welcome to Cirromon Caverns.

Go right.

When you are in the Cirromon caverns you will notice thise enemies that attacked the village. Well watch out, when they hit you, they poison you. It can be cured by the blue mushroom.

After some time you will get to this beautiful place. Just follow the map and you will get to the quest marker.

You will get to a part where 2 huge yellow rocks will block your path. Go back a bit.

You will find this explosive fruit. Use it on the rocks.

Now you will encounter a new enemy. A TROLK. They are easy to kill. You can't attack them when they are blocking you have to parry them.

Their defence will be down. And you will kill them easily.

When you are here. You can go up or down. The kid is up and down is loot. So go first down for the loot and then get back to the kid.

Now you found a small kid. When he sees you he will run away. So you should follow him. SO LEFT IT IS THEN.

When you find him again he will say to you to get away. Follow him some more but watch out. The white bubble spurts might hurt/heal you.

If its blue. It will heal you.

If its red. It will hurt you.

After some time going left. You will find him again cornered by a Trolk. Kill the two Trolks and some enemies.

And he will run away, yet again. Follow him.

Welcome to Mudpot.

Jump over the fance and you will talk with the local.

You will talk to BoPo the kid and MaMop his mother. His father is dying and you need to get the water flowing in the lands again. You need to talk to "The Lady".

After talking to her talk to everyone else to get XP and more side quests.

This is SmoBop. She wants Fidget. So make a Fidget doll for her to get Reeds Box.

This is Blop. He will tell you the only way to get to the lady is that you have to slide. So go down and search for an ability orb. He will give you a red resonance gem to get down. And he wants his hittin' stick back.

FloHop wants you to get her some Red moss.

Gappy (i like to call him Jebediah) wants you to get him his sheep back. They are scatered around the cirromon caverns.

Finding one of his sheep you will put it in your Inventory. Classic point and click stuff.

When you are down. Just follow the map. Its not that hard to get to the end.

You will get the ability orb to slide.

Just hold the crouch button and then press to jump. You will slide. So get back to Blob and slide down the wall.

So get back to Blob and slide down the wall. Follow the map to get to her.

Once you get to Lady Tethys you will talk to her to get the water flowing again but she won't because Generals Gaius soldiers are bad and should be punished. So knock some sense into her to get the water flowing again.

Once you beat her she will tell you that you should meet Kane. She will start the water and you should hurry back home because BoPos dad is dying.

Jump up to get the ability orb for her magic.

Then jump down to teleport quickly to Mudpot.

You will talk to BoPo again. He will say that the water is back but he will be called by his mother to see his father.

His father died, but Ahrah knew that that will happen.

After the funural you have to go to the place where Lady Tethys told you to go.

You could talk to BoPo and bring some snow for him because his father told him all about it.

You will be greeted with a cutscene with General Gaius talking about Casisus. Their conversation sounds familiar.

Go to The Sorrowing Meadow to finish the Chapter