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Dust: An Elysian Tail Walkthrough Dust An Elysian Tail Walkthrough Chapter 5: Legend

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Welcome to the Moonblood Camp.

Go right.

Talk to Gray Eyes. He will say that you need to talk to Sanjin and Kier if they need any help.

Sanjin says that something is wrong with the generator and the water pump. and you need to fix it so jump down.

When you jump down you can go left (the generator) or right (the water pump)

The water pump is stuck on a root. So you need to burn the root so the water pump will start working. Use fidgets fire magic on it.

The Generator stopped working. Use Fidgets eletric magic to start it up again.

Once you finished all of that report back to Sanjin.

After going right you will see that Kier was killed by Gaiuses soldiers. They are invisible so kill them and report back to Elder Gray Eyes.

After talking to him go right and help your fellow moonblood comrades.

They are cant ge't through so you need to help them. Jump down to get an ability orb.

When you get the ability orb. You will get a boost at your double jump. Now when you are floating in air with the air current, it will help you jump even higher. Now go back and go up to get around the obsticle.

You will find the exploding fruid so now you can help them to go forward.

Welcome to Everdawn Basin. The enemies are the same as from Blackmoor Mountains. Just their models are changed, and they block a lot. Just follow the map


You can return back here. And do somethings before finishing the game (secrets, side quests etc.).

After the teleporter the moonbloods will get supressed and can't move. Jump down the hole and destroy those turrets. (BTW there are four.) Just follow the map and you will get to all of them.

Here is the first cannon.

The next one is going right . There will be a piller. So use the exploding fruit to destroy it.

The next turret is up from the last turret.

The last one is the most up. Now just follow the map to get to General.

Great! You got to General Gaius. You will talk to him. He will try and make turn against the moonbloods. He will remeber that you are Casius and that you were best friends.

Hey, another cutscene. YAY!

Now you fight.

He has three forms when you fight him.

After beating him the first the first time he will go through the wall.

After beating him the second time you will fall down. Just like the third time.

Now you are the bottom of the volcano. He has magic powers to beat you.

After beating him the volcano will explode and you will start crawling.

Dust: "Hey Gaius, what are you doing." Gaius: "Nothing, just hanging." :D

Another cutscene will start. You will try to save him. But he understood what he did was wrong so he kills himself.

Dust will die by lave and everyone else will live. But in the end you will see him using his dust storm attack flying away from everyone. Fidget will follow.

You've beaten the game.