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Evoland Walkthrough Beginning

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You start the game in a very pixelated and green area, and immediately unlock... the ability to move right? Well, follow the prompt and move to the right.

Bump into that fine looking Treasure chest to get... the ability to move left? I can already see where this is going, but the only place you'll be going now is to the chest on the left.

Give that chest a nuzzle to unlock full 2D movement. The screen expands to reveal the way onwards blocked by another chest. I'm sure you're good at opening those by now though.

You now have Basic scrolling and a path onwards, so keep moving forwards.

You'll quickly unlock some Sounds and Smooth Scrolling before moving over the bridge.

There is a chest and another path here, but it's blocked by some small shrubs. Maybe there's a way to take care of them further down.

How convenient! A sword is JUST below the place that you need a sword to progress!

Put that sword to good use by cutting down the bush in your way. To progress, you'll be forced to unlock something else your sword can help you with, Monsters!

After taking care of the monsters, head upwards to unlock some music and Save points! If you step into the light, your game will be saved and you won't have to start from the beginning if you die!

Head right and down to unlock a more colourful display.

Wonder around for a while to find another save point and a Story.