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Evoland Walkthrough Aogai Village

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Head East from the mines to find yourself in the Pre-rendered desert town of Aogai. Use the Save point and head up to meet Seavn's Uncle.

As you'll quickly notice, there are loading screens between areas in the town. They don't actually need to load anything either. Until you can afford the Fast DVD loader from the Expensive Merchant unlocked in the east of the town, you're stuck with these.

Talk to the guy by the Blimp, and then you get to name Sevan's Uncle! I named him 'Ate' so that the circle is now complete. "Sevan Ate Nien", aren't I the funniest?

After some dialogue with Ate, you find out you need the two pieces of some Amulet to enter the Citadel. And to get the first one you need some Bombs. Que annoying talk quest! Talk to the first person to find out who to talk to next. Keep doing this until you find the ACTUAL person with the bombs. Oh, also Sevan left our party to go learn some magics.

This annoying quest will really make you love these loading screens. If you had the cash for the fast loader, lucky you. I might even suggest going out and grinding for it.

Once you finish the quest and get some bombs, Sevan joins back with you after learning a powerful new spell! She now has a viable option other than healing.

Head out the entrance of the village and down south into the orange forest.