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Evoland Walkthrough Leaving the Village

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Upon leaving the Village, you'll be forced to open a chest that forces you into a fight. You'll see 3 monsters and a collapsed girl. Test out your new gear on the monsters and save the chick!

Once you beat the monsters, the girl will get up again and force you to help her save her town. Doesn't seem like you get much choice in this game, huh? Anyway, she introduces herself and you get to pick her name. I called her 'Sevan'.

The only way to go forward is through the cave where the crystal is. Looks like you really don't have any choice in this. Anyway, when you enter the cave Sevan will pull you over and ask for your name. I've named my hero 'Nien'.

The cave has monsters in it too, and you'll quickly find out how Sevan handles in battle. The Anwser? She doesn't. Her attack is pathetic, but she does have a healing ability that heals both of you at once. You can have her attack if you want, but I made it through most of the game having Nien attack and Sevan constantly heal.

Make your way up through the cave, you'll unlock XP and Levels, as well as a fountain which will heal and save for you.

Go right and then down to find a Switch. Should probably go stand on it, activating switches is normally a good thing.

Head back up and you'll see that the thing blocking the way up is now gone. You can now go and get the Crystal!

Uh-oh, there was a Monster guarding the Crystal, and this one doesn't look very pleasant.

After a while the boss will go the green like this, don't attack when it does. Instead, wait it out in real time (for some reason) and then take your move.

Apart from the Phantom counter, this boss isn't that hard, just keep the Heals rolling while Nien hammers it.

The Crystal activates, and all of a sudden the game breaks into the Third Dimension! Move into the light to teleport out into Edel Vale.