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Evoland Walkthrough The Sacred Grove

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There are some rocks in the way, but luckily for us we got the bombs! Put a good bomb or two down and clear the way.

Continue to the right to find a Crystal. What do we do to new things? We whack them with our sword of course! Hit the Crystal to change back to 16bit for an interesting time puzzle.

There was a small tree blocking the way up, but now that you're back in time it's a mere sapling. You can now walk over it up ahead.

In the next area, you can't go over the Black stone, but if you switch to future, there is a small tree blocking the way. Switch to future and go down into the cave for a lava tiles puzzle. At the end you find the bow.

Come back out and switch back to the past. Equip the bow and shoot it through the fire to the sapling to BURN IT. Go back to the Future to walk over the black stone and progress.

Go to the past and walk over the sapling. Use a fire arrow to get fire into the other thing and then shoot another one to burn the sapling. Progress downwards.

Make your way to this crystal and shoot it to move left more.

Blow up this rock and go back to the Bridge. Shoot an arrow through the fire to like one of the two things needed to go into that cave.

Blow up another rock and go down to this area. Be sure to clear the grass going down from the second fire thing. Walk all the way around and set up the fire. Shoot an arrow up through both of the fires.

The talking statue that blocked us should now be gone. A Black stone forces us to be in the future to go on.

You haven't forgotten how to push have you? Because you need to push to blocks onto buttons to move on.

You'll get trapped in a nasty room, but once you clear it, half of the Amulet you need is in the chest at the end.

Make your way out and down to the Crystal that didn't activate and use it. Go forward and use the next Crystal. Move downwards and Sevan will point out that all the trees are dying.

Go back to the village and talk to Ate. The second piece is in some place north. Leave via the second exit of the town into the desert and move right and then up.