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Evoland Walkthrough Mana Tree

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Fly North-East from the town to find the Mana Tree, and get ready for the REAL Final Boss.

When you enter you'll be faced with Armoured Zephyros who will tell you the story of his people.

After that gets boring, you'll start the fight. Lead him on by running one direction and then changing when he goes to attack. If you don't, you'll get trapped inbetween his hands for a face full of laser beam. Pull it off correctly however and you'll get a shot at the eye weak spots on his hands instead.

Do this until both his Hand-eyes go grey and you'll move onto the next part.

Armoured Zephyros will start spinning around the circle with a constant beam. He moves slightly faster than you, so you better run to keep away from him.

Once he stops you need to quickly run in and hit the third eyeball once.

The Pink ball will them fly out from his back, so quickly run around and hit it before it goes back in. You only have a small amount of time to do this, so if you're slow on hitting the eye, you'll probably miss the ball.

Helpful hint: The ball will fly out of Zephyros' back in the direction you hit his eye. So if you hit the eye from the side, the ball will fly out to the side so you can run to it quicker and possibly get more hits.

After beating up on the ball enough times, the armour will break and the ball will expand open to reveal that it is Zephyros himself.

This last form is somewhat easier than the previous forms, but could prove hard if you don't have much health left. He has two attacks, and his first one are three somewhat homing pink balls. Dodge them lest they hit you.

His second attack is a lot more helpful though. He will launch a slower moving Blue ball that you can hit back with good timing. This is the only way to hurt him, so you better get the timing down quickly.

His blue projectiles have some homing too, but if you don't aim them, they'll completely miss Zephyros. Be sure to line up your shot to make sure you don't waste a single Blue Ball!

After you hit him enough times, Zephyros will finally die. He'll say his final words and then explode in a beautiful blue light thing.

The Credits will roll and you'll be met with the final screen of the game, Congratulations, you beat Evoland! Thanks for reading through my guide for Evoland. If it helped you, please leave me a donation via the button on the top of the Page, it helps me out and encourages me to write more guides. Hope you enjoyed Evoland!