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Evoland Walkthrough 256 Colours

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Moving left from the second save point finds you another chest with 256 colours in it, doesn't this look nice?

Going up and left you'll find the ability to move freely next to an impassable black stone. Head back right and squeeze between the two rocks next to the sign.

By a save point you'll find a new enemy that looks like a Statue. You can't hurt it from the front, so flank it and attack from another angle.

Once both are dead, you can unlock the Inventory and move upwards into the overworld with lots of random battles!

Changes are while following the path you'll get forced into a turn based battle. When your bar on the right charges fully, you get to have your turn. Beat the uglies dead before they beat you dead.

Keep moving forward to unlock Mode 7 in the overworld, and into another location with some Statues. Kill the Statues like before.

Open the chest you unlocked to turn the Meadow into a Village! You also unlock some NPCs, but the adults don't seem very talkative to children.

Find this child to the West of the village to learn about an aging seed that fell down the well. Seems only logical to find and go into the well now.

At the very West edge of the village you'll find a chest that lets you enter houses. Going into some houses have chests too, which transform one house into a Shop and another into an Inn.

Once you find and enter the well, you quickly find and eat the seed and turn into an adult. Yay!

Now people are telling you things. The person blocking the way out to the East won't let you leave until you have better gear. A new sword and some armour should do nicely.

Back in the shop, the person will now talk to you, so you can buy the things you need! Not enough Gils? Looks like it's time to go grinding in the Overworld. Don't worry, it won't take long.

Once you have enough gils, buy the Long Sword and Copper Armour, then head to the right!