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F.E.A.R Walkthrough Interval 03 - Escalation

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"After youve been tasked to find Paxton, you follow the only route foward and head down some stairs into a shot up storage room/engine room.

Leave the generator room and walk across the yellow bridge to the door on the left.

"When inside the control room, flip the switch to rotate the bridge and walk across it.

"Walk into the second dark room pictured, for a health buff.

"at the top of the ladder will be a shot out door, open that door and engage all enemies in the next room.

Shoot the lock off of this fence once you have killed any hostiles, climb up the ladder behind it allowing you to traverse on some hanging water pipes.

Bust out the vent and fall into the next area where 3 enemies will be approaching you from around the corner.

neutralize these 3 and the 4th soldier approaching from the next room.

"gather any ammunition on the way to the next targets.

continue walking and re arming until you come across a double blue door. Opening this door will lead you to an open area containing 3 enemies with 3 more soldiers as reinforcements

neutralize the 3 reinforcements that come from above, and proceed where they came from.

"continue on that path until you find this flooded room.

You'll get harassed by Alma here but continue on anyway.

"Follow the direction she was walking and drop down into the next pool of water.

After the hallucination, you black out.

"You awaken in the pool of water.

He's just standing there, so a silent attack is ideal.

"progress through the next spooky moment to engage the next room full of replica soldiers.

"When youre done with all the bad guys, head upstairs where you'll find a med kit, body armour and ammo on a rack. Continue through the double doors on the right side of the large window.

"You will encounter the next area, shown here.

"As you move into the next area you will notice the footbridge connecting you to the other side, has collapsed.

The red wheel

press USE on this wheel to fill up the empty basin with water, allowing you to jump across the floating boxes to the other side.

"After you cross the basin, proceed to the next fight area where you will find 3 above you, and 1 on the same level.

"After you kill 2 more soldiers by the large window, there will be 1 more above you on a catwalk in the next room.

"This new weapon is accurate and pins enemies to the wall for a sometimes comedic effect.

"After you walk for a moment, you will experience a hallucination featuring Paxton and a captured worker pleading for his life.

"After the loading screen, progress foward and observe that you need to climb down to the next level using the ladder in the pic.

"After a double spook whammy by Alma and Paxton, you advance foward and through a room where you hear a radio talking about what the outside world thinks is going on.

"You walk into a longer dark alleyway that ultimately turns into a freakfest hallucination.

"After youre done sh---ing bricks, proceed through the vent located behind the dumpster to where you see the aftermath of another Paxton interrogation.

"*By now you should be turning your flashlight off whenever you walk around corners! the enemy can see your light*

"After you're done clearing out that ambush, continue upstairs to progress,

"Grab the body armour around the next corner and proceed to use your super reflexes to slow mo murder the next 4-5 guys in the next two rooms.

"When you're done scavenging for ammo and armour, climb into the space on the right of the pipes located at the end of the path (should be a yellow/orange light)

"You awaken from the load point on a raised metal walkway.

"At the end of the stairs and through the door, you will encounter a hallway with mines down the middle (as seen in the picture).

"You will spot a semi invisible man jumping into the water and will run away. Dont worry about him... yet.

"At the top of the ladder, you will see that you have emerged on the other side of the mine field.

"When you're done with the laptop, proceed through the door on the left.

"Shoot the lock off the door and proceed downstairs where you will encounter 4 replicant soldiers. Feel free to use your new weapon to destroy some heads! (as seen in picture)

"When you move for the door a replicant chopper will arrive and 2 soldiers will rappel down. Theyre an easy kill.

"Sure enough as you walk around the other side toward the staircase they start attacking. It's best to hold your ground and stay in cover.

"As you move on and approach the evac site you will hear a replicant helo idling.