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F.E.A.R Walkthrough Interval 04 - LZ Is hot

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""You arrive on the roof of the Armacham building to have your 2 allies gunned down during the insertion.

"Once you've cleared the roof of hostiles, proceed through the single door on the lower level of the helipad.

"Continue on your rampage, going down stairs killing stuff.

""If you follow the trail of enemies, You will eventually come across a small balcony overlooking a large glass window that is being guarded by 4 more soldiers.

"You will spawn looking at an illuminated office (often a sign saying THIS WAY!)

"As you progress from one room to the next, dont forget to check for medkits.

"You will end up in a room featuring a hanging satellite and a staircase. Go upstairs and prepare to shit bricks.

"You will notice the path you need to go is blocked by a rolling door.

"After jumping through the window, watch your back for a sneaky ninja then proceed through the office cubicles until you find a small lunch room with a dead security guard laying on the table getting blood all over the place (gross).

"After falling from the ceiling, approach the hallway pictured here.

"You learn that you need to shut down the security system,

"After an auto save, you will be approached by 3 soldiers looking for you. I hid behind the dark pillar seen in the picture and got the jump on them as they walked into the room.

"Enter the server room and walk to the end where you will see the blue screen shown here.

"Keep walking past the spooky noises and lights until you reach the construction area. Press on through this area whilst paxton fettel tells you about his relationship with Alma.

"After your fight, proceed out of the construction zone to where you will meet your female squad mate again.