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F.E.A.R Walkthrough Interval 02 - Initiation

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"After the cutscene you will zipline off the chopper.

Apparently they need a specialist to open a gate, so you need to turn right and follow the fence until you see a roller door.

"Proceed by going around the right side of the roller door, and advancing up the stairs.

"When you enter the booth with the dead guy, you'll need to press F (use) on the big yellow handle/switch. This will allow your allies to proceed through the gate.

"After returning to the gate, you may or may not notice your soldiers have been replaced by skeletons. The cutscene explains this.

Proceed to your 11 o clock (slight left) and walk around the right side of the big building where you will see an illuminated door, proceed through this door.

"Proceed through the room containing the dying man and slowly press into the next set of rooms.

"Watch out for suicidal corpses, and proceed left, through the storage room and up the stairs.

Shoot out the wooden boards on the window, traverse the awning to the right, and proceed through the illuminated door behind the fence.

"About 10 meters into the next area, you'll find yourself in another storage area with an enemy soldier.

If you follow the doorway on the right of the roller door, it leads to an office where you can obtain a pistol and a significant firing position on the 3 soldiers outside.

"press through the shipping container dock and kill all remaining soldiers.

"Proceed through the door shown here.

"After the spooky warehouse, you will hear more enemies using their radios in the next room.

"proceed to the right, be aware of 2 soldiers at the end of the room.

"Here you will face one enemy.

you cant make the gap so you will need to jump the railing and walk along the left wall.

"activate the switch and observe the shipping container move to the right of the room.

"proceed outside through the double doors into another shipping container yard.

Walk around the right of the battle area and walk down the stairs leading into a maintenance storage room.

"Follow what appears to be a ghostly version of your team mate.

"walk through the bloody mess and follow the stairs pictured.

"Open the door at the top of the stairs and drop down from this window to the ground level beneath.