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F.E.A.R Walkthrough Interval 06 - Interception

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"As you get out of the elevator you will be faced with 2 replicants with their backs turned.

"After walking through some science labs you encounter your fat friend again and learn that the elevator is being stopped by an override.

As you continue you will be attacked by a squad of replicants 8 strong. 2 in each room you pass though as you progress.

"Work your way downstairs (2 enemies) and walk through the maintenance tunnel to get back up on the other side. (another two enemies).

"After you have killed the replicants, enter the security office and disable the lockdown override located on the desk under the big monitor.

"When you approach the elevator, the fat man leaves without you.

This mission is a bit of a pain in the ass.

"Go down the ladder and walk until you find the fat man behind some bulletproof glass.

return to the vents where you spawned and you will notice a smashable grate, drop down and start heading downhill.

"*Most of the turrets can be bypassed without having to destroy them.

Turret number 3 can be avoided by taking a left turn through the labs (after you upload the data to the laptop) and running across the path, under the stairs (pictued) to a vent below.

Turret number 4 can be avoided by ducking behind the bench (as shown in the picture) and crouch walking to the end where you will see a vent you can escape into.

"Turret number 5 can be avoided by running into the doorway pictured on the left side of the screen.

"Turret number 6 can be avoided by running at the turret (or hide behind the big boxes and wait for its gap)

"After you see the fat man struggling to get into the vent, you will encounter turrets 8 and 9.

"When you're inside the lab, find the vent access in the back corner of the room and climb in.

"I wasn't sure how to get past turret 9, so i shot it up.

Follow the stairs down into the maintenance tunnel where you will climb a ladder back up on the other side.

"Now that the turrets are out of the way, you can get back to shooting replicants.

"Enter the second annoying part of this mission.

If you take a left turn from the terminal, a missile launcher can be found leaning against the wall of the lab to your left.

"Jump on the lift and press the button to ascend

"Some kind of toxic leak occurs inside the lab with the laptop. therefor you must walk to the end of the path, climb 2 ladders and then drop into the security terminal where you can be rid of the toxic chemicles.

"After uploading the data, take the only exit and walk across the top level of the lobby the replicants rapelled down earlier.

"When you're finished slaughtering the replicants with the turret, jump out of the security office via the window and mop up any remaining soldiers.

As always, jump down and complete the mission.

"After a little fright by the turret and a nice chat with Paxton you have to move through the labs, no enemies yet.

"You encounter 2 security followed by 3 more in the next room.

"After you kill 4 or so replicants you're forced to face another of those mechs, however this time without a rocket launcher.

"7 or so shots from your new weapon should suffice to kill him.

Jump out the tall windows into the courtyard below to finish chapter 6

Interval 07 - Redirection

"Karate kick through the tall windows like a badass and continue through the offices. Any doors that you cannot go through will be obviously locked, so its fairly straight foward.

"When you reach the top of the elevator, take the right and notice that your path is blocked by a gate.

"The elevator has become unstable and appears to be near dropping point.

You will encounter 3 enemies in a lobby and 2 above you as you climb the stair case. Follow the trail of enemies until you find that a gate gets locked on your face.

"locate the security office booth and raise the gate.

"Continue pushing upstairs where you will find numerous enemies guarding each room on the way to your objective.

"There will be a heavy replicant guarding the office containing Alice Wayde, when youre finished with them give her an earpeice and activate the laptop to her left to find the location of the secret base.

The elevator will stop 3 times with enemies to fight until a 4th where the elevator will power off, requiring you to step out and reactivate it.

Alma will creep up on Alice and the elevator will shut, requiring you to take the stairs.

Fight your way up the levels until you find the vent pictured here, climb through and continue to the next mission.

"Climb out of the vent and watch the chopper get blown up by the replicant hind.

"Proceed through the door opposite to the elevators and keep chasing the annoying woman.

"Walk out of the window and tread around the corner of the building dropping down below. Be aware of the 2 robots above you.

"3 soldiers will engage you in the staircase,

"in the corridor pictured, an ambush will take place.

"A second ambush will take place in the next room featuring the cola vending machine pictured.

"the dumb bitch gets in her car and takes off without you, leaving you to fight your way up the parking lot.

If you're having trouble getting near them, dont forget to use the concrete support pillars for cover.

"To finish the mission, proceed through the red door pictured and head to the roof where you will find your allies waiting for you.