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F.E.A.R Walkthrough Interval 08 - Desolation

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"The mission begins with your chopper being shot down.

"scrounge for ammo and armour, then drop down the huge gap in the floor.

"In the room pictured, the roof will rumble as a mech is about to drop down infront of you.

"At the end of the mech room, you will find the boarded up door pictured.. bust through and continue on.

"At the gap pictured here, you will want to jump on the planks sticking out on the right side to make it.

"jump on the roof of the building and kill all the targets hiding on other rooftops and inside the windows of other buildings.

"drop down the gap in the floor of the next room (blocked by boards) and begin your spooky fettel moment.

Continue on until you find the window pictured, jump through it to continue to the next mission.

"Continue down the alleys where you will be annoyed by Alma.

"Inside the truck is armour and health.

"When youre done fighting, on the opposite side to a truck will be a box and some cans (pictured).

"You will come to a large construction site, follow the wooden plank on the right to head up. You will see a window (pictured)

"enter the yellow door up a small flight of stairs.

"use the pipe pictured as a boost to jump up and engage more enemies above you.

Before dropping down this hole, search the area for boosters and ammo.

"continue into a room with a truck lodged in a roller door and proceed to the left.

Jump up over the railing pictured to acquire health and rocket ammo.. as well as getting a jump on the three replicants in the next room.

"As you continue, you will find a large room (pictured) with new stronger enemies inside.

"You will enter this room, whip out your shotgun and be aware of the electro ninjas that jump through the windows to get you.

"You will witness security forces fighting off a replicant mech, its best to shoot through the window and deal as much damage as you can while hes occupied.

"Inside the warehouse you will find 4 security guards waiting for you followed by 2 more guarding a security number pad. (pictured on the right side amongst the blood)

Inside the security room will be a closed door, proceed through it and then continue upstairs where you will find an elevator and some weird messed up physics props.

"When you push the elevator button you will have a spooky event involving you falling into blood. swim down through the hole in the floor.

After that's done, head down via the elevator (for realsies) and into the next interval.