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F.E.A.R Walkthrough Interval 09 - Incursion

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"When you step out of the elevator you will be faced with a sentry turret. There are more of these later including one around the bend so be aware.

"Here you will encounter 4 security personel from above.

"climb the red ladder and progress by crawling on the pipes hanging off the roof.

"You will walk past a room containing another sentry turret.

"Follow the path of enemies (14 total) until you begin getting blocked in via roller doors.

You will end up at the main pipe controlling the fire leak above. press USE on the valve to turn it off, and then climb back up another ladder to the left of the pipe.

At the top of the ladder, follow the path behind the pipes shown in the picture, to a series of vents that you will need to drop down on to complete this mission.

"crawl through the vent and bust out to witness the fat bastard being shot by Harlan Wade.

"When the door opens, taking a left turn will take you to a medkit, but you will want to go right. (pictured).

when you find the pictured machinery, press the buttons infront of them to engage their locking mechanisms which will open a door that was previously locked (where you encountered the mk2 soldiers).

"As you progress you will encounter 3 more mk2 soldiers.

"fight the 6 mk2 replicants in the room shown.

"move this box by climbing the ladder and pressing its button (as seen in the top left of this picture).

"after you walk through the door you will encounter 3 of those flying robot things.

"Seeing as though the door is locked, you have to travel left of the door until you find this vent pictured.

"continue until you locate the room pictured, featuring a large generator with 2 buttons. One button is infront of you (pictured) and the other is on a cat walk above the generator.

"When you find yourself back to the murder scene of the fat man, you will be engaged by 3 flying robots.