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F.E.A.R Walkthrough Interval 05 - Extraction

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"About 20 seconds of walking ingame will bring you to a room with replicant soldiers chatting. you will have to fight 2 on the ground level and 2 above you.

"As you walk further, you will hear a replicant say "He's after the hostage".

"As you wait for your friendlies to regroup with you, you will be ambushed by means of the elevators. You will face 7 replicant soldiers and 1 armoured replicant.

"Follow the demolitions expert back to the hostage.

You will end up in an orange lit room with two elevators. Across the way from the open elevator is the room with the fire alarm. Disable it then get inside the elevator to regroup with your team on the roof.

"As you ride the elevator, it comes to a halt. (aww)

"You will find your path is blocked by a locked gate.

"After killing the replicants, search for ammo and armour in the near rooms.

"Keep walking towards the lit rooms and enemies.

"When the load screen is finished, grab the med kit and scoped assault rifle and regroup with the chopper under fire.

"Kill the two snipers on the upper floor.

"Turn left out of the door and head to the side (pictured).

"When inside, you will face two more security.

You will now notice the footbridge above you has collapsed. Climb up onto it and follow its path.

"Crouch under the maintenance shaft and follow it around the corner.

"It will take you to a room with a falling skeleton.

"After a brief spooky moment, you will end up at the service elevator room. The elevator is offline but you can see the control switch on the other side of the chain linked fence near you.

"*As a rule of thumb in this game, if you see a red wheel/valve.. you should use it.

"You will emerge in the room with the elevator power switch.

"You will want to throw a grenade into the elevator when it opens, as two replicants and an armoured replicant will be waiting for you inside of it.